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Ryan Bucki

Ryan Bucki is the creator of FitnessInformant.com. Ryan created FitnessInformant.com to become an educational hub for fitness enthusiasts to go and get information from some of the industry's best minds in the world of fitness. Ryan transformed his own life after struggling with childhood obesity. He was 220 pounds at the age of 14 and very unhealthy. He had a dream of becoming a WWE wrestler so he committed himself to the world of fitness and turned his life around. After spending over a decade in the professional wrestling business and a tryout with the WWE, Ryan decided to turn his attention and focus to the world of bodybuilding and fitness.


Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d RAW Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 21, 2017

Bloodshr3d Raw from Olympus Labs is a fat burner that will provide energy, make you sweat and suppress your appetite to help you lose those stubborn pounds and belly fat.


KA-POW! Pre-Workout Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 18, 2017

KA-POW! has one thing going for it, taste. The rest of the product is underwhelming…and that’s putting it nicely. A solid taste and mixability cannot make up for the two, very under dosed, prop blends.


Altus Premier Nutrition MAXXOUT Pre-Workout Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 17, 2017

MAXXOUT from Altus Premier Nutrition is a lower dosed pre-workout that utilizes the patent Peak O2 ingredient to improve your overall endurance. If you’re a hardcore lifter then this product is not for you. If you’re looking to be better on the field, then you should give this a try.


EVL Nutrition ENGN Shred Pre-Workout Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 17, 2017

EVL ENGN Shred is a fat burning pre-workout that increases your body temperature but lacks on focus, energy and pump. This is not a product for the hardcore lifter. This product is meant for someone looking for an extra boost during cardio, not heavy weights.


Gold Star Performance Products Level Up Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 16, 2017

Level Up from Gold Star Performance Products brought up our test levels by 3x while on the supplement. The only downfall to the supplement is the prop blend, but this product does what it says it will do: bring your test levels back to normal.


Samson Labs PRE-CHAW Pre-Workout Pouch Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 16, 2017

The most unique pre-workout on the market comes in the form of a pouch. PRE-CHAW from Samson Labs utilizes a different form of ingestion into your body to provide you with your pre-workout kick. Lacking some main ingredients that some PWOs use, PRE-CHAW makes up for in effective energy.


Giant Sports International KETO Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 8, 2017

Giant Sports International KETO is the first open label KETO inducing supplement on the market, and it does exactly what it says it does. This supplement will put your body into ketosis in less than 60-minutes.


Purus Labs NOXygen Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 8, 2017

NOXygen from Purus Labs is one of the best pump enhancing supplements you will find on the market. At 40 servings for around $20 it’s also one of the best values you will find too!


The Lions Pack Edible Cookie Dough Review

By Ryan Bucki / August 1, 2017

The Lions Pack edible cookie dough is worth trying out to see if it is something you want to keep in your cupboard. Non-GMO, vegan and nut free, Lions Pack edible cookie dough is healthy for anyone. Curve your sweet tooth with healthy cookie dough.

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