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5% Nutrition Launches Fish Oil, CLA and ZMA Capsules

By December 13, 2021No Comments
5% Nutrition CLA, ZMA, Fish Oil

5% Nutrition is expanding their Core health line with the addition of three products today. 5% Nutrition has officially launched Fish Oil, ZMA and CLA3600 capsules.

Fish Oil is great for Omega-3s and heart health. ZMA is good for improving sleep and potentially improving natural test levels. CLA has been researched to aid in fat loss, but isn't an effective fat burner. There are some other minor benefits with it.

These are currently available now at the 5% Nutrition website.

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Final Takeaway

I think everyone should take a high quality fish oil. ZMA can be beneficial for better night's sleep, so I don't have an issue there. CLA I am not a fan of, so I can do without. I think overall it is smart for 5% Nutrition to add to their commodity line.

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