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Branch Warren Joins Team Kaged Muscle

Branch Warren Joins Team Kaged Muscle

One of the most prolific bodybuilders of all-time, Branch Warren, will take his talents to Kaged Muscle Supplements. It was announced over the weekend that the Arnold Classic Champion, Branch Warren, would be joining Kris Gethin's Kaged Muscle Supplements.

Kris and Branch go way back with their friendship, and the synergy between the two made sense to make sure Branch was representing one of the best brands in the industry.

I first saw Branch Warren compete at the San Francisco Pro over 10 years ago. I knew then that there was a bodybuilding talent I’d have to keep an eye out for. His physique was striated, grainy and oozed raw power. I soon became friends with Branch and his now wife, Trish. Two years later I was staying at his house hanging with Branch, training with him and even hunting with him. Not only was he my favorite bodybuilder on the stage but as a person and definitely in the gym. - Kris Gethin

We reached out to Kris and you can tell by the sound in his voice that he is extremely happy about the move. 

They say some of the most feared boxers and UFC fighters are the nicest and most humble outside. This is Branch. I have never trained with someone who rattles with weights as ferocious as Branch, but is one of the most humble, smartest and sweetest men outside of it. Today is a special day that has come full circle. - Kris Gethin

Branch has represented supplement companies in the past, including his own BlackSkull. Branch is also an owner in Wicked Cutz, a meat company specializing in jerky and sticks. 

Fitness Informant's POV

It will be interesting to see Branch with Kris. I am sure they will do a bunch of training videos together. Branch is officially a KM athlete, so hard to tell if they will be doing any co-branded supplements or Branch Warren exclusives, but only time will tell. I will also be interested to see if this does impact BlackSkull, which has never really took off in the USA.

I love Branch and Kris both, great people. I have had the pleasure of speaking with both on multiple occasions, I could not be happier with this connection. It just makes sense. 

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