NutraBio Reveals “Leg Day”

NutraBio leg day

NutraBio has just announced one of their most interestingly named products to date. The new product coming is called “Leg Day”, which is certainly a different approach to a product name than what we are used to from the popular brand.

To start, we don’t even know what kind of product this is. While it may look like a pre-workout, NutraBio has not actually confirmed this, and for all we know this would be a post-workout product. 

With that said, be sure to stay tuned for more info on this product launch, and more new from NutraBio.

Final Takeaway

Well this is certainly interesting. While at a glance it looks like a pre-workout, from what we have read on the BioCrew FB group, it may not be. We will share the details with you as soon as we can, and we look forward to seeing more from NutraBio and what they bring to the table here.

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