SWOLE O’clock Commando Watch Review

By Ryan Bucki / July 8, 2017

SWOLE O'clock Commando Watch

swole o'clock commando overall ratingA non-typical Fitness Informant review comes in the form of a fashion statement, per se. SWOLE O’clock Watches are made for those who are strong confident individuals. They are big, bold faced and loud. SWOLE O’clock does target the fitness enthusiast but they try to be fashionable so anyone can wear them.

The SWOLE O’clock Commando Watch comes from their 2017 Military Collection Release. Any purchase of a watch in the Military Collection and SWOLE O’clock will donate a portion of the proceeds to a military charity. Right off the bat they win you over. However, it’s not just their attitude of giving that wins you over, it’s their watches. The Commando watch is the best watch I have ever owned. It was built with durability in mind, functionality and fashionability. You get all that for a price that’s less than $200…a steal for an amazing watch!

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

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5.0 / 5.0

SWOLE O'clock designed their watches to be "larger than life" sized. They stand out on your wrist. In fact, they stand out so much that the 50mm Commando Watch weighs 6.7 ounces! The biggest comment I get from people on the design is how big it is. They say they make big, bold faced watches for those who are confident and bold. Well make no mistake about it, they hit the nail right on the head.

The watch comes with a big face. In this instance I had the 50mm. The band is actually made of rubber. This reminds me of some of the old school watches I wore when I was a child. You see more of the snap-type watches now (see Fossil watches), however, for this purpose I like the adjustability of the band. I have to tighten mine down to the second to last hole to fit my wrist. The band on the Commando is camouflaged.

The bold face watch head comes with a camouflaged background, an hour hand, a second hand and three dials which tell you different things. One is the time in digital format (normal or military). The other tells you the seconds or stopwatch. You also get your weekday as well among other things.

The only "negative" thing with the design is the side button cage sticks out a bit so it does rub on your wrist a bit creating the skin to harden. After it does you're fine. If you have bigger wrists then you might not have this issue.​

Overall the design of these watches are great. They are designed exactly the way the brand wants to be perceived. 


5.0 / 5.0

swole o'clock commando watchMost people now days use a cell phone to check the time. Some people, however, still use a watch to tell time. Regarding the functionality of the SWOLE O’clock Commando Watch it does everything you’d want a watch to do. It tells time. It gives you a stop watch. It gives your the date. Day of the week. This is a watch. Not a digital watch that you count your steps on. It’s a watch meant to tell the time of the day. This watch does a great job of that. It is easy to change the settings from regular time to military time, to reset the stopwatch, change the day of the week, etc. SWOLE O’clock does a great job of supplying a how-to guide to ensure that this watch is idiot-proof.


5.0 / 5.0


I had wanted to wear this watch for sometime before I wrote this review. SWOLE O'clock says they make the Commando with Sapphire Crystal Glass and it is scratch resistant. I was curious to see if this was the case, albeit I was not going to take a drill to it like they do in their videos. After wearing it for several months, both in and out of the gym, I still do not have one scratch on the glass. That's amazing.

Another area I was concerned about was the rubber band. The watches of old had cheap rubber bands. This one is constructed with a thick band, very rugged and hardcore. It would take quite a bit to rip it. It also has two metal bands on both sides of the face to provide not only fashion but durability.

The SWOLE O'clock Commando is water resistant up to 50m. I took it swimming and there was no issues.

The face is strong, rugged. It is 5.7cm wide with the buttons. It weighs just under 7oz. This thing is tough.

I have had many other watches before from Fossil. Fossil watches cost the same, if not more and are not near the quality of the SWOLE O'clock watch.​


5.0 / 5.0

The SWOLE O'clock Commando Watch is extremely fashionable. It is camouflaged. How can it not go with everything? In all honesty this is my favorite watch to wear with any outfit. It is a talking piece to everyone you meet. You look badass wearing it. Honestly, you feel much stronger with it on your wrist. 

I have worn my Commando watch everywhere. To the gym. To the mall. To work (suite and tie job). I even wore it as the best man in my buddies wedding. That's how much I believe in the fashionability of this watch. Now if camo isn't your thing SWOLE O'clock makes many other color combos that will go with a plethora of outfits. Guy or girl.​


5.0 / 5.0

How do you put value on a watch? Well for one, does it correctly tell time? Yes, the SWOLE O'clock Commando Watch tells time just fine. It also gives you all the other functions we talked about earlier. Is it of high quality? I answered that earlier as well. This is the most durable watch I have ever owned. The design is amazing and the fashion sense, to me, is out of this world. It is a statement watch. If you're looking to stand out then this watch is for you. Then we look at the price tag. For the Commando Watch we're talking just shy of $200. That seems high for a traditional watch when you can get an Apple iWatch if you want for $300. If you compare it to Fossil, who charges over $150-$200 for their watches then this is a huge steal. In fact, I think this is a steal over an iWatch because this is more fashionable and it fits with the lifter personality in you. I would have no problem paying $200 for this watch. The good news for you is we have a coupon code below that will save you 10% on ANY SWOLE O'clock watch in their collection which will instantly reduce the price.

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