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About Fitness Informant

My name is Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT, and I used to be really fat. 

At the age of 14 I weighed 220 pounds and was the fattest kid in school. No joke.

My mother worked several jobs to support our family and could only afford cheap overly processed unhealthy food.

I had to work a part-time job while in school and full-time hours during the summer to help out around the house which limited my ability to participate in physical activities to stay in-shape.

I really didn’t discover the world of fitness, bodybuilding or supplements until 2007 as a junior in college. My university required a physical fitness proponent to graduate with your 4-year degree.

Being a business major (marketing) a majority of my cohorts decided to select the activity that would be useful in their professional careers, golf. I decided to choose weight lifting.

To many of my closest friends it had to be confusing that it took me 20 years to discover a passion for the inside of a weight room because I was a aspiring professional wrestler since 2003. I grew up idolizing the big guys on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) TV and that’s what I wanted to be. So at the age of 16 I decided to train to be a professional wrestler. Although I learned the in-ring skills I never truly discovered the skill of weight lifting.

Many people will discover weight lifting but then fall off the wagon. I was no different. Senior year of college I decided it was more important to frequent bars and consume massive amounts of alcohol to go out with a bang.

This negatively affected my overall health. Things did not change for awhile.

For almost two years post graduation I was still trying to achieve my goal of being a professional wrestler while still neglecting the weight room.

It was not until 2011 when I tore my ACL playing basketball that I realized I needed an overall life change. This is when I dedicated my life to the world of fitness.

I realized that my weight and my unhealthy habits contributed to my major knee injury. I made it a point to kill physical therapy and kill it in the gym. I started studying supplements, diet habits, macros and more to do a complete 180 in my life.

Ryan Bucki WWEI was able to focus on me for the first time in my life. I cared more about my longevity than the party. I worked so hard and got in such good shape that the WWE called me in 2013 to tryout for their company. Although I never received my contract from the WWE, my commitment to my overall health allowed me to accomplish my life-long dream of working for WWE.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with my certification from the International Sports Sciences Association. Unlike some personal trainers out there, I practice what I preach. I am in the gym 6-days a week clanging and banging away. I am constantly continuing my education in the world of fitness. I have the credibility. I am a walking billboard.

My name is Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT, and I am passionate about fitness. My promise to you is that will keep providing educational fitness articles, improved workout routines, healthier recipes and honest, non-infested supplement reviews so you can make better, more healthier decisions for you and those around you. Cheers to better living. Cheers to fitness!

What Separates Us from Other Supplement Review Websites

Founder of Fitness Informant, Ryan is an all encompassing health and wellness website that will provide fitness articles written by extremely educated and knowledgeable people within the industry, workout routines with videos from those that know strength training and proper form, diet advice from those who are educated on nutrition, muscle-building recipes and honest supplement reviews from real people.

Our fitness articles, workout routines and diet advice are provided to you by very smart, educated people within this industry. Our staff of writers includes Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Certified Personal Trainers, and Industry Experts from those who’s passion is fitness like mine. We will research commonly searched topics with inadequate information and provide that content to you. We will be straight-forward and honest with our research reports and put them in terms anyone can understand.

Our supplement reviews are honest. Our product testing teams will use the full product for the full serving amount, not just a sample, before they write a full written review with an accompanying video review. For example, we will use a full 30-serving container of pre-workout before we do our review. We will never do a review after one use.

We are not product pushers. You will find links on our website through affiliate sites that allow you to purchase items we talk about. However, we will never be dishonest to sway you to purchase a product. We want you, our audience, to purchase items based on honest feedback. You are the ones that are going to be ultimately using these products. We will not allow the sports nutrition industry to dictate our reviews. If a product is great, we will tell you. If it sucks, we will tell you. These are no BS reviews.

Why We Care

Ryan was created to provide fitness education that is easily comprehended and used for better living. All-too-often I would be researching topics and finding information on various articles influenced by outside companies and not factual information. All-too-often I would research questions I had and find articles that did not make sense. I wanted to create to provide educational fitness articles with accurate information not influenced by any outside companies that anyone could read, understand, and most importantly, live by. was created to inject truth serum into the sports nutrition industry and provide honest supplement reviews and rankings. Too many cases of dishonesty are occurring in this industry. Companies use amino spiking in their protein powders to claim higher protein concentration, they claim their products contain certain ingredients that independent 3rd party testing companies are discovering to be untrue and most companies are brainwashing the fitness population with their marketing messages and package design.

The sports nutrition industry has too many “marketing companies” and not enough industry experts. The marketing companies are the “big players” in the industry that own 80% of the brands. They fill their containers full of garbage that so many people purchase and consume because they recognize the brand from a magazine advertisement or an athlete. These are the companies that are preying on the uneducated fitness community, thus reaping the benefits of the uneducated not concerned about better health.

​Then there are the companies that are concerned about better health.  These companies do not get enough credit and recognition. These companies are reinvesting their dollars into what goes inside the containers not what goes on the outside. These are the ones who should be rewarded. These are the companies you will discover on with honest feedback and real results.

We are tired of the marketing companies overtaking OUR industry. It is time to take back OUR industry. Fitness Informant was created to help you discover the good guys, the ones who care about you and me and the ones who want to make better products.

Our Promise to You

We will not be influenced by outsiders. We will strive for greatness. We will be here for you. We will always be honest. Together we will achieve better health. This is not just a website. This is a revolution.

Ready to get started? Make sure to check out our podcast and check out some of our supplement rankings & reviews.

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