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Fitness Informant's Brand Spotlight

The Fitness Informant Brand Spotlight is an area where we can discover and uncover brands who are working hard to improve the sports nutrition industry through R&D and purpose. These brands may not have the biggest marketing budgets or distribution, but they have passion and desire to be better.

Brand Spotlight: Muscle Feast
Muscle Feast is a brand that was early to the full-disclosure game, which may be why you haven't heard of them yet. They are one of the industry leaders in transparency, and go at great lengths to showcase that. Take a closer look at what makes Muscle Feast so special!
Brand Spotlight: Green Roads
Green Roads is pioneering the advancement of CBD and CBD infused products in America being involved in the legality of CBD, validation and regulation of CBD.
Brand Spotlight: LionEdge Nutrition
LionEdge Nutrition is a physician formulated brand featuring high quality supplements designed to improve your performance.
Brand Spotlight: Revive MD
Revive MD is a new dietary supplement company focused on high quality, properly dosed supplements to promote overall health and wellness of your major organs.
Brand Spotlight: Signature Series Signature Series is the private label to the largest fitness niche website in the world Learn more about Signature Series.
Brand Spotlight: Iron Brothers Supplements
Iron Brothers Supplements started with two guys and differing goals. Today, Iron Brothers Supplements is doing great numbers on great products ran by an owner with a passion for quality.