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Brand Spotlight: Legion Athletics


Legion Athletics is a brand that has been around for several years now, and has outlasted many other brands during the time. Where many brands go out of their way to shove crazy ads down your throat with overhyped claims, Legion does something different. As you’ll see, Legion makes products that simply look solid on paper.

Legion is a brand that has built a great community, as well as a strong for using proven ingredients at solid doses. What’s interesting, you can actually look at some of their products and know what you’re going to feel. We will show you how so later, but for now, let’s get into why Legion Athletics may be the brand for you.

Why Legion?

So here it is… why Legion? With so many other brands out there, why should you choose Legion over others?

Well for one, Legion has values, and they are not here to simply sell you something. They have products that deliver, and don’t need to try to convince you by promising things they can’t. Legion is here to change the industry for the better. 

Legion stands for the industry not needing a new brand necessarily, but rather a different direction. No more shady stimulants just there to give you more energy than you need, just for you to crash afterwards. No testosterone boosts promising crazy results but being nothing more than glorified libido boosters. No more of that, just straight formulas with ingredients that have are backed by science, that will help you achieve your goals safely



Whey+ is Legion’s flagship whey product, and it is one we enjoyed here on FI. Not only does it provide a high quality source of protein at a fair price, it also has been flavored well. The reason we bring this up is because it is naturally flavored. 


Whey+ is a whey protein isolate, mealegionning it is going to be easy on the stomach, be lower in fat, sugar, and cholesterol when compared to whey protein concentrate. Well worth grabbing and trying for yourself. 



Legion Pulse is a preworkout that is simply straightforward, and just by looking at the product, you kind of know how it’s going to work, which can be a good thing. It has few, but very proven ingredients. Every ingredient is at an effective dose, and you are going to get a strong boos tin energy, without the jitters

This should be the standard for many preworkouts. Proven ingredients, proven doses, noticeable effects. Add some solid flavoring to boot, and you have yourself a solid pre-workout option here.



legion ascendAscend is Legion Athletics nootropic product, and it is one we have covered here on FI in the past. It is a great formula that uses some solid ingredients such as Bacopa, Citicholine, and Alpha GPC. Each of those ingredients are at solid doses, and they’re great additions.

If you like pill based nootropics, Legion is certainly a solid one to go with. Not the strongest formula on the market, which isn;t a bad thing at all. It provides just enough focus to be noticeable without leaving you with brain fog. It also get better overtime. Certainly worth trying at least once.

Final Takeaway

Legion is a brand we feel that we could safely recommend to just about anyone. We don't have to worry about their products being too strong, or too weak, or simply not effective. Nope, we know that they are products that are going to work, and sometimes, that assurance is what we really need from a brand. No fancy marketing gimmicks... just good products made by good people. 

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