Supplement and Fitness Industry News

GHOST Amino V2 Now Available In Popular Mango Flavor
GHOST has launched their mango flavored Amino product available now.
New MRE Bar and B.A.R. Flavors Coming from RedCon1
RedCon1 will be launching two new MRE Bar flavors and three new BAR flavors in the next several months.
NutraBio CAFF Plus Featuring PurCaf, Infinergy and TheaPure Now Available
NutraBio Caff Plus Featuring PurCaf, Infinergy and TheaPure Now Available
GHOST Pancake Batter Vegan Protein Now Available
GHOST launches new Vegan protein flavor, Pancake Batter.
FDA Adds Higenamine and Hordenine to Ingredient Advisory List
The FDA has officially added Higenamine and Hordenine to their Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List.
FDA Sends Warning Letters for DMHA and Phenibut
The FDA has sent several warning letters to brands who are using DMHA and Phenibut in their products.
RedCon1’s First Vegan Protein, Green Beret, Now Available!
RedCon1's first vegan protein, Green Beret, is finally available for purchase in four flavors.
Brand Spotlight: Signature Series Signature Series is the private label to the largest fitness niche website in the world Learn more about Signature Series.
Kaged Muscle Launches Two New Flavors of Amino Synergy
Kaged Muscle Supplements has launched two new flavors of their Amino Synergy: Orange and Sweet Tea.
Sparta Nutrition Teases New Cereal Protein Flavor
Sparta Nutrition teases a new cereal flavor or protein coming soon to their delicious tasting protein lineup.
MuscleSport Celebrating Game of Thrones Return with White Dragon Pre-Workout
MuscleSport is celebrating the return of Games of Thrones with their White Dragon Rhino Black pre-workout.
RedCon1 Releases Limited Edition Game of Thrones Inspired White Walker Total War Flavor
RedCon1 launches a limited edition flavor of Total War inspired by Games of Thrones called White Walker, designed to taste like Monster White.
NutraBio Bourbon Banana Nut Isolate Protein Available Now
NutraBio launches their most unique flavor to date, Bourbon Banana Nut, available only in the 100% Whey Protein Isolate series.
GHOST Burn Now Available In Three Delicious Flavors
GHOST's new fat burner, Burn, is now available for purchase in the US in three delicious flavors.
MuscleSport Teases A Royal Launch Coming This May
MuscleSport is teasing a new product coming this May formulated for royalty.
Reformulated Bulk from BlackMarketLabs Available Now
The updated formulation of Bulk from BlackMarketLabs is now available for purchase!
RedCon1’s Green Beret Launching In 4 Flavors This Week
RedCon1's first vegan protein, Green Beret, will be launching in four delicious flavors this week.
NutraBio Expands Strawberry Lemon Bomb to BCAA 5000 & EAA Pure
NutraBio expands their newest flavor Strawberry Lemon Bomb to EAA Pure and their popular BCAA 5000 line.
NutraBio Leaks New Flavor of Whey Protein Isolate
NutraBio is launching Bourbon Banana Nut flavored 100% Whey Protein Isolate...coming soon!