Supplement and Fitness Industry News

Greg Jennings

Episode 79: Greg Jennings

Former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Greg Jennings discusses his time in the NFL and his transition into Men’s Physique Bodybuilding.

Kathy Kemper

Episode 78: Kathy Kemper

Kathy Kemper is a NPC National Judge and a IFBB Pro. She discusses her time as a pro bodybuilder and the difference as a NPC judge.

Inspired Nutraceuticals Podcast

Episode 77: Inspired Nutraceuticals

The brass of Inspired Nutraceuticals, Chris Waldrum and Landon Suggs, discuss the brand, the future strategy and how they came about to working together.

Sharon Leite

Episode 76: Sharon Leite

Sharon Leite, The Vitamin Shoppe CEO, discusses specialty retail in sports nutrition, how they navigated the pandemic and how they plan to it a household name.

2021 Best Pre-Workouts

2021 Mid-Season Awards: Pre-Workout

Pre-workout supplements are in abundance, but only several can be considered “the best.” This is our top pre-workout supplements of 2021.

Alan Roberts

Episode 75: Alan Roberts

The outspoken and controversial Alan Roberts joins the Iron Union podcast the discuss the harsh reality of the obesity epidemic.

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