Supplement and Fitness Industry News

RedCon1 Limited Edition America Total War Is Coming
RedCon1 will be launching an extremely limited edition America inspired Total War with only 1,776 available!
FDA Adds N-Methyltyramine and Octopamine to Ingredient Advisory List
The FDA has officially added N-Methyltyramine and Octopamine to their Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List.
GHOST Bringing New Flavors To Their Lineup This Summer
GHOST is bringing more flavor to their lineup this summer including grapefruit, lime and pineapple.
Cellucor Project Clear Evolution: What’s This All About?
Cellucor has launched a mysterious website with information about a new C4 supplement known as Project Clear Evolution.
NutraBio PRE Extreme Gets Grape Berry Crush Flavor
NutraBio extends their flavor lineup on PRE Extreme with the addition of Grape Berry Crush.
GHOST Announces New Welch’s Grape Amino V2
GHOST is launching another flavor collaboration with Welch's, this time in their Amino V2 product.
Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red Label Reveal & Pre-Order
Primeval Labs took to social media to tease a their new pre-workout, Mega Pre Red and opens up pre-orders.
NutraBio New Flavor Alert: Strawberry Shortcake
NutraBio adds Strawberry Shortcake flavor to their Classic Whey lineup.
GHOST Legend x Christian Guzman V3 Available Now
GHOST's new limited edition Legend x Christian Guzman V3 is now available!
RYSE Project Blackout Is Here!
RYSE Supplements highly anticipated Project Blackout, a new intense pre-workout and pump powder, is not available for purchase.
Outright Bar’s Newest Flavor Revealed
Outright Bar from MTS Nutrition is launching their 7th bar, find out the flavor now!
The Genius Brand Genius Sleep Aid: Deeper Sleep for Recovery
The Genius Brand Genius Sleep Aid can help you achieve REM sleep to aid in muscle recovery and repair.
Olympus Lyfestyle Launch Party at EDM Music Festival
Olympus Lyfestyle, formerly known as Olympus Labs, is having a launch party at a popular EDM music festival Esscalation Music Festival.
Sparta Nutrition Launching Jen Selter Signature Line of Supplements
Sparta Nutrition has pinned Jen Selter as their global spokesperson which will include her own signature series of supplements under the brand.
GHOST Legend x Christian Guzman V3 Launch Date & Label
GHOST has announced their next collaboration with Christian Guzman on Legend, set to launch on June 13th.
NutraBio Extends Grape Berry Crush To Alpha EAA
NutraBio expands adds Grape Berry Crush to their Alpha EAA product featuring Alpha-GPC.
RYSE Project Blackout Labels Released
RYSE Supplements has released their labels for their new Project Blackout pre-workout and pump product.
RedCon1 S’mores MRE Lite Now Available
RedCon1 is expanding their flavors on their popular MRE Lite line with the addition of S'mores.
Primeval Labs Teases Mega Pre Red
Primeval Labs took to social media to tease a their new pre-workout, Mega Pre Red.