Supplement and Fitness Industry News

MuscleSport Limited Edition Forbidden Fruit Coming September 10
MuscleSport will be launching their next limited edition Rhino Black pre-workout on September 10th called Forbidden Fruit.
Alpha Lion Releasing Cyborg; A Comprehensive Bone & Joint Supplement
Alpha Lion will launch Cyborg, a comprehensive bone and joint supplement on Monday, August 26.
NutraBio Launches Stand-Alone Yohimbe
NutraBio has launched a stand-alone Yohimbe product designed to burn fat.
Raze Energy Taunts First-Ever Crowd-Sourced Energy Drink from Design to Flavor
Raze Energy is looking to release a new flavor that will be selected and designed by you, the people.
LionEdge Nutrition Launches Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Post Edge
LionEdge Nutrition has expanded their flavors of Post Edge to include Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream; available now.
Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax Full Label Released
Performax Labs releases their full label on the reformulated VasoMax.
Ice Shaker Becomes Official Cup of Fitness Informant
Ice Shaker, as seen on ABC's Shark Tank, has become the official cup of Fitness Informant.
Build Fast Formula FullBlitz Mystery Flavor Coming; Try It First!
Build Fast Formula will be launching a new mystery flavor FullBlitz this September; try it first!
Get To Know Committed USA BCAA Plus
Committed USA BCAA Plus is more than just a BCAA product, it includes a full spectrum essential amino acid profile and electrolyte.
Ultimate Nutrition Closes Abruptly Leaving 200 Employees Jobless
Ultimate Nutrition, a world-known sports nutrition brand, has closed abruptly, leaving over 200 employees without work or a reason why.
The Genius Brand Now Available at
The Genius Brand continues to expand their retail partnerships outside of Amazon. The brand is now available on
NutraBio Root Beer Float 100% Whey Protein Isolate Now Available
NutraBio has launched their limited edition Root Beer Float flavored 100% Whey Protein Isolate.
RedCon1 Partners With DICK’s Sporting Goods; Nationwide Distribution
RedCon1 gains national distribution in DICK's Sporting Goods for Total War and Total War RTD.
MuscleSport Will Launch Next Iteration of “Kings Ransom” Pre-Workout
MuscleSport will be launching their next limited edition Rhino Black pre-workout which the brand is calling the next iteration of "King's Ransom"
GHOST Pineapple Pump and Grapefruit Legend Available Now
GHOST has released their newest flavors of GHOST Pump and GHOST Legend. GHOST Pump Pineapple and GHOST Legend Grapefruit are now available!
Kodiak Nutrition Coma Reformulation Coming in September
Kodiak Nutrition is reformulating their highly rated Coma sleep aid to remove Phenibut. The new reformulation is coming in September 2019.
Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax to Include 5g GlycerSize and S7
Performax Labs plans to include 5g GlycerSize and S7 to the newly reformulated VasoMax.
Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax to Include Fully Stable Alpha Zone Alpha-GPC
Performax Labs is reformulating their popular VasoMax to include the first fully stable Alpha-GPC ingredient called Alpha Zone.
Performax Labs Announces 4 Flavors of IsoWhey Max
Performax Labs is launching their new protein IsoWhey Max in four delicious sounding flavors.