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Missy Truscott

Episode 81: IFBB Pro Missy Truscott

IFBB Pro and 2020 Fitness Olympia champion Missy Truscott discusses her journey in bodybuilding, winning the 2020 Olympia and losing her dear friend and coach John Meadows.

Muscle Rage

Brand Spotlight: Muscle Rage

Muscle Range, once a UK only brand, has made their way over to the United States. Let’s get to know more about Muscle Rage and their supplements.


Brand Spotlight: Storm

Storm line of supplements were created for thrill seekers, norm-destroyers, and rule breakers.

Greg Jennings

Episode 79: Greg Jennings

Former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Greg Jennings discusses his time in the NFL and his transition into Men’s Physique Bodybuilding.

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