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REPP Sports Reactr bottle

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Repp Sports Reactr

45-Servings (Any Flavor)
Category: Pre-Workout | Store: A1 Supplements

REPP Sports Reactr is an awesome pre-workout supplement. (See our entire buying guide here) Hands-down it is one of the better pre-workouts available on the market. Reactr utilizes DMHA to provide the energy you need in the gym, but it doesn’t forget about the pump or focus. Reactr also pumps in 45-servings into the container making it a great value for your pre-workout needs.

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RedCon1 MRE Bar

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RedCon1 MRE Bars

12-Bars (Any Flavor)
Category: Protein Bars | Store: A1 Supplements

MRE Bars from RedCon1 are like no other protein bar, because it gets it’s protein from whole food sources. This is a huge benefit for the MRE Bar over competitors. They are amazing for texture and great one taste. The eyebrow raiser is the price tag. If you can find this on-sale it’s a grab and buy for sure! OR If you just want to use our coupon code and save money – that works too!

Kraken Pump

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Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump

40-Servings (Any Flavor)
Category: Pump | Store: A1 Supplements

We still really like the 2018 version after the formula changes. It still uses 2g of HydroMax but removed and updated it on several other ingredients, still leaving you with a product that produces a great pump, with the addition of cognitive enhancement now. This still is one of our favorite overall pump products. I don’t think we will miss the old version all that much…

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey

10% OFF!

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Sparta Nutrition Sparta Whey

5LB (Any Flavor)
Category: Protein Powder | Store: A1 Supplements

Our expectations were exceeded with . Why? They give us a tri-blend FULLY disclosed label (down to the flavoring) of the product. To boot, it rivals the competition on price but includes isolate, concentrate and casein proteins to give you a solid feeding system. Overall, Spartan Whey ends up being one of our favorite proteins of all-time!

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