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Welcome to the Fitness Informant Exclusive Deals Page. You will find that our deals page is much different than others you’ve seen online. Why? We only find and show you deals on Fitness Informant approved supplements and brands.

What does this mean for you? It means you are only going to get deals on high quality supplements. While other companies show every deal possible to pad their pockets with commission dollars, we truly care about your health and fitness and want you to only use and buy the best products available.

You will never find pages and pages of deals here at Fitness Informant. This is because the brands and supplements we approve of are of the highest quality. This means that they invest in their products and rarely have marketing dollars to do big promotions. Don’t worry, however, we have exclusive contacts with the best companies in the world and will post any worthy deal of any FI approved brand or supplement right here.

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Performax Labs IntraMax


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Performax Labs IntraMAX

25-Servings (Any Flavor)
Category: Intra-Workout | Store: A1 Supplements

IntraMax is truly a fully loaded intra-workout recovery product. Powered by 6g of Whey Protein Hydrolysate, with an added 3g of L-Leucine, has been shown to increase protein synthesis more-so than your standard 25g of whey protein. Not only are you getting the benefits from BCAAs, but also the much-needed EAAs. Even though we were underwhelmed by the flavor we tried, we feel the quality profile and effectiveness of this product make it worth your hard earned money.

RedCon1 MRE Bar


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RedCon1 MRE Bars

12-Bars (Any Flavor)
Category: Protein Bars | Store: A1Supplements.com

MRE Bars from RedCon1 are like no other protein bar, because it gets it’s protein from whole food sources. This is a huge benefit for the MRE Bar over competitors. They are amazing for texture and great one taste. The eyebrow raiser is the price tag. If you can find this on-sale it’s a grab and buy for sure! OR If you just want to use our coupon code and save money – that works too!

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REPP Sports Phenibut bottle


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REPP Sports Phenibut

90 Casules
Category: Sleep Aids | Store: A1Supplements.com

Phenibut from REPP Sports is an amazing product. Phenibut is a mood enhancer, anti-stressor and sleep aid. This was the first type of supplement sleep product we’ve tested here at Fitness Informant and it scores very high. Phenibut is a simple, one ingredient product that does exactly what it says it does: relaxes you. At a very reasonable price, Phenibut will rank as one of the best sleep aids on the market.