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KLOUT PWR, Pre-Workout

KLOUT PWR Mamba Pre-Workout Review: Not As Extreme As Others, But That’s A Good Thing

KLOUT PWR Mamba is the brand’s “extreme” pre-workout featuring 400mg caffeine and 1.5g of exogenous nitrates.

KLOUT PWR, Pre-Workout

KLOUT PWR Karma Pre-Workout Review: Pump and Focus Centered Pre-Workout

KLOUT PWR Karma is the brand’s nootropic based pre-workout anchored by nooLVL and Thinkamine.

MuscleTech, Pre-Workout

MuscleTech EUPHORiQ Review: Embracing Innovation Once Again in Pre-Workouts

MuscleTech has gone back to their roots embedded in innovation with EUPHORiQ featuring Efinity, a novel ingredient designed to give you all the positives of caffeine without the drawbacks.

Alpha Prime, Food & Drink

AP Prime Bites Protein Brownie Review: The Best Protein Brownie On The Market

AP Prime Bites Protein Brownie is one of the best protein on-the-go snacks available today, and it is by far the best protein brownie on the market!

Fat Burners, Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inspired Nutraceuticals Ember Non-Stim Review: Convenience in a Capsule The Works

Inspired Nutraceuticals EMBER non stimulant capsules are one of the best fat burners on the market today.

Pre-Workout, Primeval Labs

Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Max Review: Their Best Pre-Workout Yet

Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Max is the brand’s best pre-workout in their company’s history. Pump, energy and focus, they got you covered.

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latest supplement industry news

Anabolic Warfare, News

Anabolic Warfare Launches Dairy-Free Meal Replacement Protein

Anabolic Warfare has launched their dairy-free meal replacement protein in three flavors.

Axe & Sledge, News

Axe & Sledge’s New Dippin’ Dots Birthday Cake Ice Cream Farm Fed Available Now

Axe & Sledge has teamed up with Dippin’ Dots to launch Birthday Cake Ice Cream Farm Fed.


GHOST Launches Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

GHOST will add a second flavor of their high protein hot cocoa mix for 2022 in chocolate peppermint.

Inspired Nutraceuticals, News

Inspired Nutraceuticals Adds Two New Flavors of Greens

Inspired Nutraceuticals has added Forbidden Fruit and Summer Squeeze flavors to their Greens lineup.


GHOST Brings Restocks Gingerbread Vegan Protein

GHOST has returned a seasonal favorite in their Gingerbread vegan protein.

Axe & Sledge, News

Axe & Sledge High Stim DBAP Pre-Workout Available Now

Axe & Sledge has officially launched their high stim pre-workout DBAP which features over 500mg of caffeine.

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latest fitness articles

Alpha Prime, Axe & Sledge, FIt Butters, Fitness Articles, GHOST, MuscleSport, NutraBio, RYSE Supplements

Supplements That Are Safe During Pregnancy

Many dietary supplements claim you should not use while pregnant, but we found several supplements that are safe to be used during pregnancy.

Arms Race Nutrition, Core Nutritionals, Fitness Articles, GHOST

Hormone Support Supplements. Why Take Them?

Although there are many hormone support supplements for women, we breakdown three popular supplements that may help you.

Fitness Articles

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Essential, Not Voluntary

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential for a healthy life. Find out how much you need, how you get them and what you can do if you’re not getting enough.

Fitness Articles

Eating Healthy Is NOT Expensive!

Here we head on to the grocery store and show you that eating healthy is NOT expensive, thus debunking that awful myth.

Fitness Articles

Exercises To Do At Home To Battle Corona Boredom

The Coronavirus is closing down gyms across the nation; here are common exercises you can do at home to stay in-shape.

Fitness Articles

CBD Quick Hits: Anxiety

We’re back with our CBD Quick Hits. This time, we take a look at CBD and the research supporting its use for Anxiety.

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