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Unleash Your Natural Strength with Primeval Labs Epibolic

Primeval Labs Epibolic

Primeval Labs Epibolic has been formulated for those looking to get an edge in the gym with increasing strength, muscle, and nitric oxide. With just using three unique and natural ingredients; Tongkat Ali (Longjack), Epicatechins 90%, and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Primeval Labs Epibolic may help increase lean muscle mass, improve body composition and aid in stress support.

Primeval Labs Epibolic Supplement Facts

Primeval Labs is formulated with just three simple, yet effective natural muscle-building ingredients.

Primeval Labs Epibolic SFPThe formula starts with Tongkat Ali (Long Jack). Long Jack is a clinically studied ingredient with promising results for those who want to increase their lean body mass. In these numerous studies it has been shown that in some cases with consistent usage, in as little as two weeks, Longjack has increased total testosterone, reduced fatigue, and improved quality of life in aging men. 

Tongkat has also been used over the years in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac and stress-support agent. You find LJ (Long Jack) in many natural test boosters on the market today. A standard dosage of Tongkat Ali is between 200-400mg per day. Primeval Labs Epibolic contains 500mg per serving.

Primeval Labs Epibolic’s second ingredient is Epicatechin. Epicatechin is found in many foods including those of green tea and dark chocolate, known as a naturally occurring flavonal. This ingredient has been a game changer for those looking to optimize their performance and physique.

Epicatechin is a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein released by the body that essentially prevents you from getting too large. Epicatechin can aid in reducing muscle loss and regulating hypertrophy of muscles leading skeletal muscle gain. Not only can Epicatechin help increase lean muscle mass, but it may support your nitric oxide production and reduction of endothelin-1 (a potent vasoconstrictor).

Epicatechin should be dosed between 1-2mg per kg of bodyweight. For example, a 200lb person would need 90-180mg of Epicatechin per day based on this protocol. With Primeval Labs Epibolic you are getting 100mg per serving. 

DHEA is the third and final ingredient used in Primeval Labs Epibiolic natural muscle builder. DHEA is a naturally occurring precursor hormone, synthesized in the body to help support its major sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. DHEA is another ingredient used in many natural muscle building supplements.

Levels of DHEA, similar to that of levels of testosterone peak early in adulthood and decrease slowly over increased aging. When DHEA declines, so does your ability to recover and grow muscle, while you have a higher likelihood of gaining body fat.

Supplementing with DHEA can raise androgen and estrogen levels. It can also help improve body composition, bone health, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, and mood. DHEA has been shown to help with supporting nitric oxide production, erectile function, and prostate health. 

Dosing protocols of DHEA differ based on goal and age, but we typically see anywhere from 50mg to 200mg. The generally accepted range is 50-100mg per day. Primeval Labs Epibolic is uses DHEA at 50mg per serving.

Primeval Labs Epibolic is a 30-serving unit (two capsules per serving) that retails for $44.99. This is a good price for a natural anabolic supplement containing these three ingredients at optimal dosages.

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Final Takeaway

For those looking at increasing their lean muscle mass, get better pumps and vascularity in the gym. This natural muscle builder is one that needs to be added to their arsenal. This product is ideal for the younger lifter out of high-school or in college wanting an extra edge in the gym or an aging individual looking to reduce muscle waste, but without taking supplements that will negatively affect their hormones or testosterone. 

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