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Three Go-To Pre-Workout RTD’s 2023

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Whether you forgot your pre-workout at home, on vacation, don't feel like mixing up powder, or just want to try something new. Ready To Drink (RTD) pre-workouts are convenient when you're in a pinch or if you're like me and feel like being "boujee" with getting an already made pre-workout for you. 

Over the past couple years pre-workouts RTD's have become a real hit in the supplement market with a lot of your favorite brands having one to match their staple pre-workout. In this article we are going to highlight 3 go-to RTD's you want to grab and try if you see them.


Making its appearance in late 2023 Inspired Nutraceuticals has given us theri top of the line pre-workout DVST8 Dark in a convenient on the go option with the relaease of their RTD. This RTD is avalible in four different flavors Illuminade (Strawberry Watermelon/ Lemonade), Forbidden Fruit (Red Apple/Green Apple), Malibu Breeze (Strawberry/Watermelon), and Black Rainbow (Sour Candy/ Fruit Punch).

Inspired Nutraceuticals splits this formula into four different categories, leading off is “DVST8: The Truth Matrix.”. Diving into this category you will find it will be a loaded pump matrix containing 6,000mg of L-Citrulline AND 5,000mg of Glycoclear, a 99.7% pure liquid glycerol. Both of these ingredients in purw liquid forms always tend to hit harder with a skin splitting pump. Finishing off this pump matrix you will also find 1,000mg of each arginine nitrate and betaine nitrate as N03-T to also help support your blood flow.

The next category in this formula you will find the “Endless: Endurance & V02 Supply”. Two simple but highly effective ingredients make up this supply, that is Beta-Alanine and Pink Himalayan Salt. With a full dosing at 3,200 mg of beta-alanine this will help your endurance and anti- fatigue levels to go longer in your workout. Throwing in Pink Himalayan salt this will help with cellular output, performance, and even increased contraction/pump.

Dark: Mind/Muscle Sync Module will be the next edition to this formula to help enhance mental focus leading to more mind muscle conectio0n during your workout. Leading off with 2,000mg N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine will help boost your noradrenaline and dopamine which could lead to increased mental energy and improved athleticism. Following up keeping the same trend of good mind muscle connection is Choline L-Bitartrate which has been shown to help with improving memory, brain function, and is currently being studied in the positive benefits of its ability to maintain neuromuscular function as you age, since choline helps nerves interact with muscles. Finishing off this module will be the addition of DMAE Bitartrate helping improve mood and motivation helping amplify your workout intensity.

FIt Butters

Finally, the number one part of the formula people will look for first, the stimulant content. Dark: Stimulated Reality Ignition (SR) will contain four different ingredients. Two forms of caffeine via caffeine anhydrous at 325mg to give an instant hit of energy, and 100mg Di-caffeine Malate at 100mg to give you an extended-release form of a caffeine. Finishing out this formula you will find Whole Coffee Fruit Extract as CagnatiQ to help stimulant mental alertness & memory, and Theobromine coming from a cocoa will help as another form of stimulant and helping improve mood.

Ape Sh*t Untamed-

Primeval Labs has given us the simple and effective formula for what you need to have an intense pre-workout out with their Ape Sh*t RTD. In this RTD they focused on pump, endurance, and energy. Leading off this formula you will find an added in sodium to help increase your power and pump, while also getting 6,000mg of L-Citrulline.

The next couple ingredients are more focused towards endurance, starting with adding in 2,000mg of Taurine to help increase your endurance and performance as it helps the fat metabolism process and production of carnitine, utilizing fat as a fuel or energy source throughout your workout. Next, they have added in 3,200mg of beta-alanine to help with fatigue throughout your workout to help fight through fatigue and increase your workout endurance.

Finally, in this formula you have the stimulant and focus ingredients Primeval has added in this formula. Starting with 300mg of a caffeine anhydrous to have a good dose of quick hit caffeine, paring with 70mg of a Di-Caffeine malate to have a more extended energy release. Ending out this formula you will find Teacrine at 30mg to help with an increase focus and increase mood support to help enhance your workout.

Hyde Xtreme-

ProSupps has given us a high-stimulant option as we look for a pre-workout on the go if you’re more of a stim junky. This formula is available in three different flavor blue raspberry, watermelon, and fruit punch.

Within this formula you will find it is broken down into two categories, with the first being their “Strength and Energy Matrix”. This matrix is comprised of three ingredients starting with 6g of L-Citrulline Malate (2:1) to help with increased blood flow and pump. 3.2g of Beta-Alanine to help fight fatigue and increase endurance throughout out our workout, and a massive dose of 400mg of caffeine helping give trhe stim junkies the fix they need. 

The second part of this formula is their “Intensity Matrix” or what I like to call the amplifier matrix. The first few ingredients you will find will include the like of theanine, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, and theacrine.  These ingredients have been shown to help enhance cognitive function, memory function, and even help take some stress away to be more locked in on workout at hand.  ProSupps has also given us a unique ingredient added into this RTD and that is GABA, the reason this is unique is because GABA has been shown to help with growth hormone secretion peak, after 60-90 min of taking GABA helping with performance and strength. Finally wrapping up this potent formula ProSupps has also included the use of Yohimbe Bark to help with help as a nervous system stimulant and increase adrenaline to help with an increase of energy and stamina.  

Final Takeaway

I love all three of these different RTD formulas as I feel each one can appeal to a different person dependent of what they prefer in a pre-workout. For example, DVST8 Dark will be a great one if you want a full spectrum pre-workout (this would be my personal use), Ape Sh*t will be great for those who want a good pre-workout but nothing too over whelming, and Hyde extreme is great for the stim junkies whose focus on energy and intensity. Overall, I have not tried the flavors for all these companies, but I am hoping to soon, based on each company's powder flavor profiles I have high expectations as each company does well with flavoring. 

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