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Booty and The Beast podcast

Booty and the Beast

Booty and the Beast podcast is the new podcast from Ryan and Danielle Bucki covering the fitness industry, sports nutrition universe and the business world.

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Booty and The Beast Episode 24: Aaron Heidbreicht
Aaron Heidbreicht, the new Chief Revenue Officer at Kaged, takes us through his journey in sports nutrition from MLB to GNC to Nutrabolt to finally Kaged.
Booty and The Beast Episode 23: Sal Frisella
Sal Frisella, President of 1st Phorm, discusses his journey from minor league baseball to running a $200+ million company in 1st Phorm.
Booty and The Beast Episode 22: Cody Stephens
Cody Stephens, President of 5 Star Nutrition, discusses building 5 Star Nutrition into 60+ retail stores and their wholesale model as they hep others grow.
Booty and The Beast Episode 21: Chris Waldrum
Chris Waldrum, founder and former CEO of Inspired Nutraceuticals discusses why he sold Inspired and what next big company he is going to work for.
Booty and The Beast Episode 20: Natalie Joy
Decorated olympic style weight lifter Natalie Joy discusses her hall of fame career in lifting and what she wants her legacy to be.
Booty and The Beast Episode 19: Fitness Myths
The world is filled with many fitness myths and false claims to success, The Booty and The Beast debunk these myths with reality.
Booty and The Beast Episode 18: Nutrition Myths
Nutrition myths are rampant online and from other "experts" so Ryan and Danielle share their insights on some of the most common nutrition myths.
Booty and The Beast Episode 17: Heather Jacques
Axe & Sledge head formulator Heather Jacques discusses her journey to becoming one of the only female formulators in sports nutrition for a major brand.
Booty and The Beast Episode 16: New Year Resolutions
Blessing Awodibu discusses his new deal with MuscleTech, leaving RedCon1, prepping for the 2022 Olympia and using social media as a platform to grow his personal brand.
Booty and The Beast Episode 15: Blessing Awodibu
Blessing Awodibu discusses his new deal with MuscleTech, leaving RedCon1, prepping for the 2022 Olympia and using social media as a platform to grow his personal brand.
Booty and The Beast Episode 14: Mental Health
Ryan and Danielle both struggled with their own mental health and open up about it for the very first time.
Booty and the Beast Episode 13: CT Fletcher
CT Fletcher, one of the most influential and motivational people in fitness discusses his rise to fame, open heart surgery, family and more.
Booty and the Beast Episode 12: Drew Peters
Drew Peters, CSO of Alpha Lion, discusses his personal life as a father and his roles within the sports nutrition industry.
Booty and the Beast Episode 11: Doug Miller
Doug Miller discusses his upbringing and how it eventually lead him into bodybuilding, marriage and his sports nutrition companies.
Booty and the Beast Episode 10: Prep Recap
Ryan and Danielle discuss their 12-week 2022 prep, the challenges they each faced, the stress it put on their relationship and the outcome.
Booty and the Beast Episode 9: RedCon1 Co-Founder and President Eric Hart
RedCon1 Co-Founder and President Eric Hart discusses the state of RedCon1 without Aaron Singerman, future innovation and his background in the sports nutrition industry.
Booty and the Beast Episode 8: Marc Lobliner
IFBB Pro Marc Lobliner discusses his childhood, death in bodybuilding, reconnecting with his mom and the impact his father had on his life.
Booty and the Beast Episode 7: Kristy Imsande
IFBB Pro Kristy Imsande discusses her journey to her pro card in bikini and how she plans to walk the Olympia stage in the next one to two years.
Booty and the Beast Episode 6: Brett Wilkin
Brett Wilkin, professional bodybuilding and IFBB pro, discusses his debut at the 2022 Arnold Classic, his schedule for 2022 and his rise to prominence in the sport he loves so much.
Booty and the Beast Episode 5: Mark Glazier
Apollon Nutrition CEO Robert Samborsky discusses his ties to Ukraine and how the war is impacting him and his family, and what they're doing to help.
Booty and the Beast Episode 4: Jay Cutler
Apollon Nutrition CEO Robert Samborsky discusses his ties to Ukraine and how the war is impacting him and his family, and what they're doing to help.
Booty and the Beast Episode 3: Robert Samborsky
Apollon Nutrition CEO Robert Samborsky discusses his ties to Ukraine and how the war is impacting him and his family, and what they're doing to help.
Booty and the Beast Episode 2: Adam Bisek
Professional coach and trainer Adam Bisek joins the Booty and Beast podcast to discuss coaching tendencies, PEDs, mental health and more.
Booty and the Beast Episode 1: The Pilot
Ryan and Danielle answer you questions, taste test the new pre-workout flavors and discuss Danielle's venture into the world of fitness.
Episode 86: RYSE Supplements
Live from Dallas, TX, Ryan joins the RYSE Supplements crew at their HQ to discuss their 2021 and the huge 2022 plans for the brand.
Episode 85: Glaxon
Live from Houston, Ryan sits down with Glaxon CEO Michael Bischoff, CMO Sam Strange, and CSO Joey Savage to discuss Glaxon's 2021 and more.
Episode 84: GHOST Lifestyle
Back in Vegas! Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes, founders of GHOST, sit down with Ryan to discuss the trials and tribulations of starting GHOST, their failures, the lessons they learned and what 2022 is going to bring.
Episode 83: Gerhard Hoermann
Former Fitness Informant VP of Content Gerhard Hoermann returns to FI to discuss his new role with NuLiv Science.
Episode 82: Ben Kane (PricePlow)
PricePlow's Ben Kane joins the first episode of the Iron Union podcast for 2022 to discuss the 2021 year in sports nutrition, and to look ahead at a potentially huge 2022.
Episode 81: IFBB Pro Missy Truscott
IFBB Pro and 2020 Fitness Olympia champion Missy Truscott discusses her journey in bodybuilding, winning the 2020 Olympia and losing her dear friend and coach John Meadows.
Episode 80: GHOST CEO Dan Lourenco
GHOST CEO Dan Lourenco discusses new product launches and collaborations that will change the industry.
Episode 79: Greg Jennings
Former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Greg Jennings discusses his time in the NFL and his transition into Men's Physique Bodybuilding.
Episode 78: Kathy Kemper
Kathy Kemper is a NPC National Judge and a IFBB Pro. She discusses her time as a pro bodybuilder and the difference as a NPC judge.
Episode 77: Inspired Nutraceuticals
The brass of Inspired Nutraceuticals, Chris Waldrum and Landon Suggs, discuss the brand, the future strategy and how they came about to working together.
Episode 76: Sharon Leite
Sharon Leite, The Vitamin Shoppe CEO, discusses specialty retail in sports nutrition, how they navigated the pandemic and how they plan to it a household name.
Episode 75: Alan Roberts
The outspoken and controversial Alan Roberts joins the Iron Union podcast the discuss the harsh reality of the obesity epidemic.
Episode 74: Brandan Fokken
Brandan Fokken, fitness model, fitness competitor and CEO of Fokken Nuts, discusses his life inside and outside of the fitness world.
Episode 73: Jax Taylor
Jax Taylor, known for his role on the reality show Vanderpump Rules, discusses life in Hollywood, his upcoming real-life role as dad and fitness.
Episode 72: Shaun Clarida
Shaun Clarida is the best in the world at the 212 division. Shaun stops by the show to discuss his victor at the 2020 Olympia, how his life has changed, his future plans and how important his circle was to him during his 2020 prep.
Episode 71: John Meadows
John Meadows, and icon in the fitness industry, talks winning an Olympia for the first time as a coach, his near death experiences and more!
Episode 70: Luke Carroll
Luke Carroll, IFBB Pro, discusses Iron Rebel and his quest to be the best in the IFBB.
Episode 69: Chris Duffin
Chris Duffin, the only man to ever deadlift and squat 1,000 pounds discusses his path in life which lead him to Kabuki Strength, Build Fast Formula and more.
Episode 68: Olympia 2020 Recap and 2020 Supplement Awards
We recap the 2020 Mr. Olympia and the 2020 Fitness Informant Supplement Awards.
Episode 67: Jay Cutler
Professional bodybuilder and 4 time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler talks 2020 Mr. Olympia, life after bodybuilding and Cutler Nutrition.
Episode 66: 2020 Fitness Informant Supplement Award Nominees
The 2020 Fitness Informant Supplement Award Nominees have been named!
Episode 65: Terrence Ruffin
Terrence Ruffin, IFBB Pro, discusses his journey in bodybuilding including his epic routine and showing at the 2020 Arnold Classic.
Episode 64: Dr. Domenic Iacovone
Dr. Dom discusses hormonal imbalances, what causes them and how to treat them. He also discusses the goal with Revive MD and RAW Nutrition.
Episode 63: My Struggles with Depression
Ryan's personal life came crashing down as he struggled with depression. Hear his story and how he managed to pull himself through the storm.
Episode 62: Shaun Clarida
Shaun Clarida is on the quest for the 212 title at the 2020 Olympia. After finishing 3rd in 2019 Shaun feels this is his year. No one scares him.
Episode 61: Dan Solomon
Dan Solomon, head of the Mr. Olympia weekend, discusses the turning point in 2019 and looking forward to 2020 under the new ownership of Jake Wood.
Episode 60: Rob Samborsky
Rob Samborsky, CEO of Apollon Nutrition, discusses his journey from the Soviet Union to America where he bought Apollon Gym and created Apollon Nutrition.
Episode 59: Regan Grimes
Regan Grimes is one of the best, young bodybuilders on the planet. He discusses his career in bodybuilding and what the future holds.
Episode 58: GHOST HQ w/ Dan & Ryan
The FI team invaded the GHOST HQ to award the team with their 2019 Brand of the Year championship belt and recorded a podcast while on-site with Dan and Ryan.
Episode 57: Jeremy Potvin
IFBB Pro Men's Physique competitor Jeremy Potvin discusses his times on stage at the Mr. Olympia, looking at 2020 Mr. Olympia and his time inn the US military.
Episode 56: Charles Griffen
Charles "The Definition" Griffen discusses his Olympia debut, 2019 season, his future and his troubled past with drugs and alcohol.
Episode 55: Mark Glazier & ABH Recall
NutraBio CEO Mark Glazier discusses the ABH nation-wide recall and how it impacts the industry and the consumers.
Episode 54: 2019 Reflection
Ryan and Gerhard discuss the 2019 Fitness Informant Shield of Excellence Award winners and nominees. They look ahead to 2020 and what they expect from brands and the industry.
Episode 53: 2019 Awards Review
Ryan and Gerhard discuss the 2019 Fitness Informant Shield of Excellence Award winners and nominees. They look ahead to 2020 and what they expect from brands and the industry.
Episode 52: Justin Hall (Supplement Snoop)
Justin Hall, CEO of Supplement Snoop, discusses the FDA's involvement in sports nutrition, DMAA, transparency, leadership within the industry, innovation and imitation.
Episode 51: CBD & Green Roads
Green Roads joins the podcast to discuss CBD legalization, regulation, manufacturing, science, benefits and products.
Episode 50: Nic Stella
Nic Stella, CEO of RYSE Supplements, discusses building RYSE Supplements into what it is today, his previous ventures in the industry and being a family man.
Episode 49: Matt Hesse
Performix CEO Matt Hesse discusses the rise and fall of Performix, its re-birth and rebrand, the FitOps Foundation and the Performix House.
Episode 48: 2019 Supplement Award Nominees
The 2019 Shield of Excellence Supplement Award Nominees were revealed for Brand of the Year, Breakout Brand of the Year, Product of the Year and more.
Episode 47: Mr. Olympia Recap
A lot of negative comments surrounded the 2019 Olympia, but was it that bad? Will Athleticon impact the 2020 Olympia? We dive into these topics!
Episode 46: Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Ryan dives into his life since being prescribed TRT in the summer of 2018.
Episode 45: Guy Cisternino
Guy Cisternino discusses his diet on the road, Shawn Rhoden's accusations and Olympia ban, his quest to return to stage and more.
Episode 44: 2019 State of the Supplement Industry with Ben Kane
Fitness Informant and PricePlow's Ben Kane discuss the state of the supplement industry in 2019.
Episode 43: 2019 Natural Body Epic Block Party
John Meadows discusses breaking into bodybuilding, training athletes, nutrition and his supplement line Granite Supplements.
Episode 42: John Meadows
John Meadows discusses breaking into bodybuilding, training athletes, nutrition and his supplement line Granite Supplements.
Episode 41: Mark Glazier
Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio, discusses sports nutrition related scams, manufacturing process and NutraBio's big 2019.
Episode 40: Greg Helton (CMO MuscleSport)
Greg Helton, CMO of MuscleSport, discusses his marketing approaching in the industry to not deceive consumers, jealousy and future innovation for MuscleSport.
Episode 39: Mujtaba Khawaja (Olympus Labs CEO)
Mujtaba Khawaja, CEO of Olympus Labs discusses his influences, Olympus Labs start, his personal growth and the future direction of the brand.
Episode 38: Sparta Nutrition
Sparta Nutrition owners Mo and Mustafa discuss Sparta's start, influences, what drives them and what they hope to succeed in the sports nutrition business.
Episode 37: Transparency
Fitness Informant CEO, Ryan Bucki, discusses how Fitness Informant generates revenue and his life since being on TRT.
Episode 36: Drew Peters
Drew Peters aka Vanilla Gorilla, Director of Science at GAT, joins the show to discuss his start at, formulating for BANG, launching Hyde Icon, DMAA and more.
Episode 35: Rich Gaspari
Rich Gaspari discusses the rise and fall of Gaspari Nutrition and how he was able to regain ownership and inject life back into the brand.
Episode 34: Why You’re Not Losing Weight
Weight loss is a goal many seek, but many don't understand how to lose weight or what impacts weight loss. Ryan discusses five key points on why people struggle to lose weight and body fat.
Episode 33: Doug Miller
Doug Miller, CEO of Core Nutritionals/Merica Labz/Merica Energy/Arms Race Nutrition discusses sports nutrition, bodybuilding, steroids, family and more.
Episode 32: Aaron Singerman and Kris Gethin
Aaron Singerman, CEO RedCon1, and Kris Gethin, CEO of Kaged Muscle Supplements, are on the same podcast at the same time discussing the supplement industry.
Episode 31: Kenton Engel
Kenton Engel, CMO of Core Nutritionals, Merica Labz, Merica Energy and co-founder of Arms Race Nutrition discusses innovation in the sports nutrition space.
Episode 30: Gym Etiquette
Gym etiquette needs to be followed by both patrons and owners. But what are the rules we need to adhere to and uphold? We break them down in episode 30!
Episode 29: Multi-Level Marketing Companies
Multi-level marketing companies like Herbalife, Isagenix and Advocare make billions of dollars, but how? We discuss the business structure and their products.
Episode 28: Angie Marie Okon
Angie Marie Okon is the founder of Okon Fitness who discusses her hardships as a child, escaping drugs, competing in bodybuilding and empowering women across the globe.
Episode 27: Dr. Jeff Golini
Dr. Jeff Golini from All America EFX (EFX Sports) joins the show and discusses the creation of Kre Alkalyn, Karbolyn, scandals, new ingredients and more.
Episode 26: Marc Lobliner & Mark Glazier
Marc Lobliner of MTS Nutrition and Mark Glazier of NutraBio join the show to discuss the supplement industry, changes that need to be made and the future.
Episode 25: Matt Jansen
Matt Jansen, trainer of some of the best bodybuilders in the world, including "Big Country" Dallas McCarver, discusses his early years in bodybuilding, training methods, nutrition advice, the passing of Dallas McCarver, steroids, women in bodybuilding and his 2019 Mr. Olympia campaign.
Episode 24: Adam Bisek CSCS, NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES, CES, PTAG, PN
Well-respected fitness trainer Adam Bisek discusses his start into fitness, his own transformation, having a large booty and the ups and downs with competing.
Episode 23: WWE Superstar Ariya Daivari
WWE Superstar Ariya Daivari discusses staying in-shape on the road, eating healthy, working out and an injury that almost caused him to retire.
Episode 22: Alex Ardenti
Alex Ardenti, film director and producer of SUPPS The Movie discusses his career in photo and film within the fitness and nutrition industry, working with Rich Piana and previews SUPPS The Movie.
Episode 21: How I Built Fitness Informant Into A Career
Fitness Informant CEO and Founder Ryan Bucki tells the story of how Fitness Informant went from an idea to a full-time career. Download and subscribe now!
Episode 20: Jay Cutler
The 4x Mr. Olympia Champion Jay Cutler discusses his new supplement line Cutler Nutrition, working his way up in bodybuilding, competing against Ronnie Coleman, the future of the sport and his ventures outside of fitness.
Episode 19: Week in Review & Way-Too-Early Look at 2019 Brand of the Year Nominees
We break down the week in review in supplements news and product launches as well as look at our way-too-early nominees for 2019 Brand of the Year. Listen now!
Episode 18: Matt Porter: Steroids, Competitive Bodybuilding and Supplements
Competitive bodybuilder and MPA Supps owner Matt Porter opens up about his steroid use, staying healthy while on a cycle, having a child while on TRT, his love for bodybuilding, the future of him competing and his supplement line MPA Supps.
Episode 17: Robert Oliver (The Genius Brand)
Robert Oliver, CEO of The Genius Brand, discusses his passion for nutrition and wellness dating back to college, learning the Amazon model and creating a business combining his two passions to help people live longer lives.
Episode 16: Building A Fitness Brand
Fitness Informant Founder & CEO discusses building a fitness brand to success. He discusses common mistakes he sees in business, especially the sports nutrition world and how to avoid those mistakes.
Episode 15: The Business of Supplements with Joshua Schall
Joshua Schall, owner of JSchall Consulting, has spent many years inside the sports nutrition industry working for large and small companies. Josh now spends his time consulting for these companies. Josh and Ryan discuss the business side of sports nutrition including recent success of brands, the struggles of GNC and how to fix them, what supplement companies are lacking today and how to win in today’s crowded environment with so many brands and Amazon.
Episode 14: Robert Frank 615
@RobertFrank615 joins the podcast to give us a glimpse of his life behind the social media character. They discuss his passion for professional wrestling, skipping leg day, being @RobertFrank615 24/7, his work with Steel Supplements, the future of his brand and what he was doing before becoming Insta-Famous.
Episode 13: Stack3d & PricePlow
Shane Smith from Stack3d and Mike Roberto from PricePlow stop by the podcast and discuss how their three supplement centric platforms are similar and how they are different. They discuss their beginnings, the best supplements of all time, the worst supplements of all time and who they think takes home the brand of the year award in 2018. This is a MUST listen for sports nutrition fans.
Episode 12: Ashley Horner
Ashley Horner, the Woman of Iron, is the first female guest on the “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast. Ashley discusses her time breaking into the fitness industry, and how to survive and thrive as a female. She made over $1 million before she was 30-years old, but still wasn’t fulfilled. Volunteering and charity work filled that void – we talk about her beginnings in her humanitarian efforts and what the future may hold. Ashley discusses her businesses, fitness goals, motherhood and charity goals in-depth.
Episode 11: Steroids Saved My Life
This is the personal story of Fitness Informant’s Founder and CEO Ryan Bucki talking about his steroid use. Ryan was diagnosed with Hypogonadism in August 2018 and was prescribed TRT to treat it. Ryan takes you though his life stages where he questioned whether or not his hormone levels were correct, and what lead him to ultimately get to the bottom of his symptoms. If you feel like you have symptoms of hormonal misbalance, please get your blood levels checked by a doctor ASAP.
Episode 10: BCAAs vs EAAs – The REAAL Core Debate
BCAAs or EAAs, which do you prefer? REAAL Muscle launched an EAA product using marketing claims backed by a 2017 study by Dr. Wolfe (Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality?), some claims in which people took offense too. We welcome in REAAL National Sales Director Ian Bell and one of those critical of the claims, Kenton Engle, the CMO of Core Nutritionals to debate the topic of BCAAs vs. EAAs and the 2017 Wolfe study. You don’t want to miss this! Subscribe now!
Episode 9: Ryback Reeves
Former WWE Superstar turned Sports Nutrition CEO Ryback Reeves joins the show to discuss his transition from professional wrestling into supplements. Ryback still wrestlers full-time, but through trial and error and personal beta tests, he has developed a line of supplements he swears by “Feed Me More Nutrition.” Ryback talks about staying healthy on the road for WWE, why he left and if he will be back. He talks about Feed Me More Nutrition and the future he has in the industry.
Episode 8: “Hypertrophy Coach” Joe Bennett
Joe “Hypertrophy Coach” Bennett is one of the most recognized, well-known and respected trainers in the fitness industry. He’s the head trainer for RedCon1, trained alongside Ben Pakulski (he also explains their separation in this episode), trained Guardian of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista and so many more. Years of experience and education makes Joe a highly sought after trainer by bodybuilders, celebrities and everyday folk like you and me. Not only does Joe train, he competes at a high level in bodybuilding. Learn from the Hypertrophy Coach on how to better your training and become a better version of yourself.
Episode 7: Branch Warren
On episode 7, the 2x Arnold Classic Champion (2011 & 2012) Branch Warren joins the show to discuss his career in bodybuilding. Branch discusses possible retirement and if he will compete again, talks about the bodybuilding industry today and what it needs to get back to popularity, who is the best bodybuilder of all time, his new company Wicked Cutz Jerkey, his supplement line Black Skull Supplements, proper diet and nutrition and how to train to win.
Episode 6: Mark Glazier
NutraBio CEO Mark Glazier stops by the show to discuss NutraBio’s impact on the “shady” supplement industry. NutraBio has been around for 22-years and thrives on their sales staff educated consumers and retail, Mark talks about that too. Mark talks about the early days of NutraBio and how it started out of his garage. Mark discusses the political environment around supplements and what he is doing to change it.
Episode 5: PJ Braun
Blackstone Lab’s President PJ Braun joins the podcast and becomes an open book. PJ talks about his bitter split up with his ex-wife, his battle with alcohol and depression and his ugly break-up with former best friend and business partner Aaaron Singerman. Not all is negative news; PJ talks Blackstone Lab’s rise to popularity and where he sees his company going from here. PJ also discusses the FDA’s raid on his warehouse and the status of that.
Episode 4: Aaron Singerman
RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman stops by the show to discuss his life in the world of sports nutrition. Aaron candidly speaks about his relationship with former best friend and business partner PJ Braun and how that all transpired. Aaron talks about Dallas McCarver and his last days on this earth. We discuss the success of RedCon1 and the future of the brand, both domestically and abroad.
Episode 3: Marc Lobliner
One of the most polarizing figures in the fitness industry is Marc Lobliner, CEO of MTS Nutrition. Marc stops by the show to get in-depth on a variety of topics at the forefront of today’s fitness and supplement industry. From BCAAs to TRT, Marc holds nothing back and tells all. We also talk about the Real Weights for Real Heroes event again this year which will feature Marc in a boxing ring to raise money for charity!
Episode 2: Kris Gethin
Kris Gethin stops by the “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast to discuss his journey in the world of fitness and supplements. Kris talks about his respect and admiration for Dorian Yates, how Kaged Muscle started as a magazine, writing for BodyBuilding, the future of Kaged Muscle Supplements, training for an Iron Man and what irritates him about the fitness and supplement industry. Kris has many years of experience and so much knowledge on fitness and supplements, as well as he is very respected. Check out this full episode to increase your knowledge on all topics fitness and supplements.
Episode 1: Ronnie Coleman
On our very first episode, we welcome in one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, 8x Mr. Olympia Champion Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie gives us an update on his current health, who his biggest threat was on-stage, how he stayed motivated, what his time in the police force was like, his take on today’s racism, being a family first guy and so much more! We asked questions to Ronnie that you haven’t heard him asked before.