Be Informed. Live Fit. podcast

Be Informed. Live Fit.

Be Informed. Live Fit. is a bi-weekly podcast featuring guests from the world of fitness and supplements. Our podcast will be an educational platform designed to deepen our understanding of all things fitness and supplements. The podcast will also feature a segment from the industry leading supplement news website

The “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast will also feature supplement and fitness equipment/apparel giveaways! You must listen for your chance to win!

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Episode 2: Kris Gethin

Episode 2: Kris Gethin

May 15, 2018

Kris Gethin stops by the “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast to discuss his journey in the world of fitness and supplements. Kris talks about his respect and admiration for Dorian Yates, how Kaged Muscle started as a magazine, writing for BodyBuilding, the future of Kaged Muscle Supplements, training for an Iron Man and what irritates him about the fitness and supplement industry. Kris has many years of experience and so much knowledge on fitness and supplements, as well as he is very respected. Check out this full episode to increase your knowledge on all topics fitness and supplements.

Episode 1: Ronnie Coleman

Episode 1: Ronnie Coleman

April 30, 2018

On our very first episode, we welcome in one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, 8x Mr. Olympia Champion Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie gives us an update on his current health, who his biggest threat was on-stage, how he stayed motivated, what his time in the police force was like, his take on today’s racism, being a family first guy and so much more! We asked questions to Ronnie that you haven’t heard him asked before. We also welcome in to break down the top stories of the week in sports nutrition including Cellucor’s energy drink, NTel Nutra and Pitbull Labs teaming up on a pre-workout powder and the FDA’s regulation of bulk caffeine. Subscribe to our show today!