Be Informed. Live Fit. podcast

Be Informed. Live Fit.

Be Informed. Live Fit. is a bi-weekly podcast featuring guests from the world of fitness and supplements. Our podcast will be an educational platform designed to deepen our understanding of all things fitness and supplements. The podcast will also feature a segment from the industry leading supplement news website

The “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast will also feature supplement and fitness equipment/apparel giveaways! You must listen for your chance to win!

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Ashley Horner Be Informed Live Fit podcast

Episode 12: Ashley Horner

November 13, 2018

Ashley Horner, the Woman of Iron, is the first female guest on the “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast. Ashley discusses her time breaking into the fitness industry, and how to survive and thrive as a female. She made over $1 million before she was 30-years old, but still wasn’t fulfilled. Volunteering and charity work filled that void – we talk about her beginnings in her humanitarian efforts and what the future may hold. Ashley discusses her businesses, fitness goals, motherhood and charity goals in-depth.

Episode 11: Steroids Saved My Life

Episode 11: Steroids Saved My Life

October 30, 2018

This is the personal story of Fitness Informant’s Founder and CEO Ryan Bucki talking about his steroid use. Ryan was diagnosed with Hypogonadism in August 2018 and was prescribed TRT to treat it. Ryan takes you though his life stages where he questioned whether or not his hormone levels were correct, and what lead him to ultimately get to the bottom of his symptoms. If you feel like you have symptoms of hormonal misbalance, please get your blood levels checked by a doctor ASAP.

Episode 10: BCAAs vs. EAAs

Episode 10: BCAAs vs EAAs – The REAAL Core Debate

October 16, 2018

BCAAs or EAAs, which do you prefer? REAAL Muscle launched an EAA product using marketing claims backed by a 2017 study by Dr. Wolfe (Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality?), some claims in which people took offense too. We welcome in REAAL National Sales Director Ian Bell and one of those critical of the claims, Kenton Engle, the CMO of Core Nutritionals to debate the topic of BCAAs vs. EAAs and the 2017 Wolfe study. You don’t want to miss this! Subscribe now!

Ryback Reeves Podcast

Episode 9: Ryback Reeves

August 21, 2018

Former WWE Superstar turned Sports Nutrition CEO Ryback Reeves joins the show to discuss his transition from professional wrestling into supplements. Ryback still wrestlers full-time, but through trial and error and personal beta tests, he has developed a line of supplements he swears by “Feed Me More Nutrition.” Ryback talks about staying healthy on the road for WWE, why he left and if he will be back. He talks about Feed Me More Nutrition and the future he has in the industry.

Episode 8: Joe Bennett

Episode 8: Hypertrophy Coach Joe Bennett

August 7, 2018

Joe “Hypertrophy Coach” Bennett is one of the most recognized, well-known and respected trainers in the fitness industry. He’s the head trainer for RedCon1, trained alongside Ben Pakulski (he also explains their separation in this episode), trained Guardian of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista and so many more. Years of experience and education makes Joe a highly sought after trainer by bodybuilders, celebrities and everyday folk like you and me. Not only does Joe train, he competes at a high level in bodybuilding. Learn from the Hypertrophy Coach on how to better your training and become a better version of yourself.

Branch Warren Podcast

Episode 7: Branch Warren

July 24, 2018

On episode 7, the 2x Arnold Classic Champion (2011 & 2012) Branch Warren joins the show to discuss his career in bodybuilding. Branch discusses possible retirement and if he will compete again, talks about the bodybuilding industry today and what it needs to get back to popularity, who is the best bodybuilder of all time, his new company Wicked Cutz Jerkey, his supplement line Black Skull Supplements, proper diet and nutrition and how to train to win.

Mark Glazier Podcast

Episode 6: Mark Glazier

July 10, 2018

NutraBio CEO Mark Glazier stops by the show to discuss NutraBio’s impact on the “shady” supplement industry. NutraBio has been around for 22-years and thrives on their sales staff educated consumers and retail, Mark talks about that too. Mark talks about the early days of NutraBio and how it started out of his garage. Mark discusses the political environment around supplements and what he is doing to change it.

PJ Braun Podcast

Episode 5: PJ Braun

June 26, 2018

Blackstone Lab’s President PJ Braun joins the podcast and becomes an open book. PJ talks about his bitter split up with his ex-wife, his battle with alcohol and depression and his ugly break-up with former best friend and business partner Aaaron Singerman. Not all is negative news; PJ talks Blackstone Lab’s rise to popularity and where he sees his company going from here. PJ also discusses the FDA’s raid on his warehouse and the status of that. Stack3d joins to discuss Quest Nutrition’s new protein bar, Granite Supplements re-branding, a new muscle builder from Outbreak Nutrition and a new pre-workout that is fully loaded. Subscribe to the show today! Rate & Review!

Aarong Singerman podcast

Episode 4: Aaron Singerman

June 12, 2018

RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman stops by the show to discuss his life in the world of sports nutrition. Aaron cadidly speaks about his relationship with former best friend and business partner PJ Braun and how that all transpired. Aaron talks about Dallas McCarver and his last days on this earth. We discuss the success of RedCon1 and the future of the brand, both domestically and abroad. Stack3d joins the show to talk about Ghost and Icon Meals, a new supplement brand, Swole O’Clock’s $250k watch, Swolly from MTS Nutrition and the new energy drink from Merica Labz.

Marc Lobliner Podcast

Episode 3: Marc Lobliner

May 29, 2018

One of the most polarizing figures in the fitness industry is Marc Lobliner, CEO of MTS Nutrition. Marc stops by the show to get in-depth on a variety of topics at the forefront of today’s fitness and supplement industry. From BCAAs to TRT, Marc holds nothing back and tells all. We also talk about the Real Weights for Real Heroes event again this year which will feature Marc in a boxing ring to raise money for charity! Stack3d stops by the show to talk about more collaboration deals between Inspired Nutraceuticals & Black Market Labs, Cold Stone Creamery & BSN and ProSupps & DJ Khaled.

Episode 2: Kris Gethin

Episode 2: Kris Gethin

May 15, 2018

Kris Gethin stops by the “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast to discuss his journey in the world of fitness and supplements. Kris talks about his respect and admiration for Dorian Yates, how Kaged Muscle started as a magazine, writing for BodyBuilding, the future of Kaged Muscle Supplements, training for an Iron Man and what irritates him about the fitness and supplement industry. Kris has many years of experience and so much knowledge on fitness and supplements, as well as he is very respected. Check out this full episode to increase your knowledge on all topics fitness and supplements.

Episode 1: Ronnie Coleman

Episode 1: Ronnie Coleman

April 30, 2018

On our very first episode, we welcome in one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, 8x Mr. Olympia Champion Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie gives us an update on his current health, who his biggest threat was on-stage, how he stayed motivated, what his time in the police force was like, his take on today’s racism, being a family first guy and so much more! We asked questions to Ronnie that you haven’t heard him asked before. We also welcome in to break down the top stories of the week in sports nutrition including Cellucor’s energy drink, NTel Nutra and Pitbull Labs teaming up on a pre-workout powder and the FDA’s regulation of bulk caffeine. Subscribe to our show today!