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Episode 49: Matt Hesse

By October 15, 2019No Comments
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About This Episode

Matt Hesse, CEO of Performix, discusses the trials and tribulations of the brand, the new re-brand, their partnership with John Cena, the FitOps Foundation and the Performix House.

Topics Covered on this Show

  • Joining the US Military (Army)
  • Running double-digit GNC franchise locations in Colorado and Kansas
  • Starting Performix
  • The rise and fall of Performix
  • Performix's re-brand in 2019
  • How Performix support the FitIOps Foundation
  • John Cena's affiliation with Performix
  • Future of FitOps
  • The Performix House

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About The Guest

Matt Hesse

Matt Hesse

Performix CEO Matt Hesse didn’t start out as a successful person. Matt had a rough childhood which almost led him down the wrong path in life. A decision was made to join the US military (Army) and changed Matt’s life forever.

When Matt finished his assignment with the Army, he opened up several GNC franchise locations. His locations were very successful. Matt saw an opportunity to make a difference in the industry through disruptive technology and created Performix.

During his time at Performix CEO, Matt found a larger purpose in life, helping US veterans find their purpose through fitness. Matt founded the non-profit organization the FitOps Foundation to help our US military men and women transition back into civilization by providing them the tools to have a career in fitness.

Matt is also pioneering the Performix House movement, high-end fitness clubs located in major US cities. There is currently a Performix House in New York City and one set to open in Los Angelas.  

About The Host

Ryan Bucki

Ryan Bucki, CEO

Ryan Bucki is the president of Ryan started Fitness Informant in 2016 as a platform to help educate others on all topics health, wellness, fitness and supplements. Ryan worked for an online supplement company to learn the inside aspect of the supplement industry. Ryan is also a certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.

He is also a former professional wrestler (WWE style). Ryan wrestled professionally for 10 years, cultivating with a WWE tryout in 2003. A combination of being overweight and involved in professional wrestling got Ryan into health, fitness and supplements.

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