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Episode 50: Nic Stella

By October 29, 2019November 12th, 2019No Comments

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About This Episode

Nic Stella, CEO of RYSE Supplements, discusses his start in fitness and nutrition, working for Shredz, starting his fitness jewelry company, building RYSE and his future plans. Nic also opens up about being a husband and a father while juggling life and business.

Topics Covered on this Show

  • Wrestling in college
  • Working for Shredz in digital marketing
  • Building the FitLife Jewelry brand 
  • Starting RYSE Supplements
  • Story behind RYSE
  • Future product launches
  • New protein (Fruity Cereal)
  • Being a full-time husband and father
  • Powerlifting competition
  • The loss of his child

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About The Guest

Nic Stella

Nic Stella

Nic Stella, CEO of RYSE Supplements, is a 30 year old entrepreneur who has been successful in the fitness industry several times over. Nic created the FitLife brand of fitness accessories, sold it and then started RYSE Supplements. Prior to his time in the industry Nic was a division II collegiate wrestler. Nic has always been an advocate of sports nutritional supplements, thus his passion for the industry.

Nic has been CEO of RYSE Supplements since 2017. The brand is a nominee for the 2019 Shield of Excellence Supplement Award for Breakout Brand of the Year.

About The Host

Ryan Bucki

Ryan Bucki, CEO

Ryan Bucki is the president of Ryan started Fitness Informant in 2016 as a platform to help educate others on all topics health, wellness, fitness and supplements. Ryan worked for an online supplement company to learn the inside aspect of the supplement industry. Ryan is also a certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.

He is also a former professional wrestler (WWE style). Ryan wrestled professionally for 10 years, cultivating with a WWE tryout in 2003. A combination of being overweight and involved in professional wrestling got Ryan into health, fitness and supplements.

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