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RedCon1 won the Fitness Informant 2018 Shield of Excellence Award for Brand of the Year! To become the Brand of the Year you have to be exceptional in so many areas of the sports nutrition business. RedCon1 also brought home the Shield of Excellence Award for Best Protein Bar (MRE Bar) and Best Sleep Aid (Fade Out).

RedCon1 is one of the most trusted brands from Fitness Informant. We’ve reviewed many of their supplements (see below) and all pass our quality and effectiveness standards.

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RedCon1 Latest Reviews

RedCon1 MRE Lite Review
MRE Lite from RedCon1 could more-or-less be called a whey protein alternative. This isn’t a bad thing. With 24g of protein per serving from beef, salmon, chicken, egg, rice and pea, you are getting a nice alternative to whey. For those of us trying to get away from whey, this is a good choice. The price is going to be higher than your traditional 2lb tub, but you’re getting whole food sources as your protein. I would not go as far as calling this a MRE Lite, but a whey alternative. A great investment for those of you looking for that.
RedCon1 GI Juice Review
GI Juice is RedCon1’s greens and digestive enzyme powder. This delicious powder contains 11.25g of greens, and less than 1g of digestive enzymes. Overall, this is one of the best tasting greens powders I have had, the profile deck is decent and the price can be reasonable, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of fruits and greens in their diet.
RedCon1 MRE Bar Review
MRE Bars from RedCon1 are like no other protein bar, because it gets it’s protein from whole food sources. This is a huge benefit for the MRE Bar over competitors. They are amazing for texture and great one taste. The eyebrow raiser is the price tag. If you can find this on-sale it’s a grab and buy for sure! OR If you just want to use our coupon code and save money – that works too!
RedCon1 Fade Out Review
Fade Out was designed to give you a great nights sleep to help your body recover. The true secret to building muscle is the time your body gets to recover, your sleep. Fade Out combines some amazing ingredients that help you achieve an amazing night sleep while promoting growth hormone to become one helluva recovery agent anyone serious about bodybuilding should consider.

RedCon1 Latest News

B.A.R. Cereal Protein Bar from RedCon1 Launches January 31st
RedCon1 has announced it will launch its highly anticipated B.A.R. Cereal Bar powered by Whey Protein on January 31st.
RedCon1 Launching in 350+ H.E.B. Grocery Stores
RedCon1 launching it's line in 350 HEB grocery stores in April
RedCon1 Total War RTD Now Available
RedCon1's popular pre-workout Total War is now available in a RTD form.
RedCon1 Partners with Academy Outdoors
RedCon1 continues to expand their reach with a partnership with Academy Sports + Outdoors.
Episode 4: Aaron Singerman
RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman stops by the show to discuss his life in the world of sports nutrition. Aaron candidly speaks about his relationship with former best friend and business partner PJ Braun and how that all transpired. Aaron talks about Dallas McCarver and his last days on this earth. We discuss the success of RedCon1 and the future of the brand, both domestically and abroad.