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About RedCon1

RedCon1 won the Fitness Informant 2018 Shield of Excellence Award for Brand of the Year! To become the Brand of the Year you have to be exceptional in so many areas of the sports nutrition business. RedCon1 also brought home the Shield of Excellence Award for Best Protein Bar (MRE Bar) and Best Sleep Aid (Fade Out).

RedCon1 is one of the most trusted brands from Fitness Informant. We’ve reviewed many of their supplements (see below) and all pass our quality and effectiveness standards.

Featured RedCon1 Products

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RedCon1 Latest Reviews

RedCon1 War Games Review: Go To War With RedCon1
RedCon1 War Games is a nootropic formula meant to help Gamers with their focus, energy, and eye health.
RedCon1 MOAB Review: Ingredients and Dosages For Muscle Gains
RedCon1 MOAB, Mother of All Builders, is four ingredient supplement using proven ingredients at correct dosages. MOAB will be more beneficial for a new trainee, but it can aid in lean mass gains with just about anyone. If you are new to training, or looking to add a muscle potential unlocking agent, MOAB from RedCon1 would be a nice choice.
RedCon1 Halo Review: A Natural Anabolic to Increase MPS
RedCon1 Halo is a Laxogenin product that looks to increase muscle protein synthesis to lead to gains. Since it is a plant-based steroid it is non-hormonal and doesn't require a PCT. There is not a lot of strong evidence for or against Laxogenin, especially with humans, but for those looking to use a natural muscle builder to put on size, Halo could be a solid option.
RedCon1 Total War Review: Effective Pre-Workout with Proper Dosages
When you get Total War you know you will get something that will help you power through your workouts without the crash at a great value. If you're looking for a safe pre-workout at a good price, Total War from RedCon1 is your answer.
RedCon1 Tango Review: One of the Best Post-Workout Values Available
RedCon1 Tango is a solid muscle recovery product with three forms of creatine and other ingredients added to aid in recovery. For less than $1 per serving, RedCon1 Tango is one of the best values you will find in post-workout recovery on the market today.
RedCon1 MRE Review: A Meal Replacement with Multiple Sources of Protein
RedCon1 MRE is a meal replacement featuring multiple protein sources and rolled oats to provide 525 calories with minimal fats and 75g carbs and 47g protein. MRE uses real food sources like oats, beef protein, sweet potatoes, dehydrated fruits and more to make a very tasty meal replacement powder.
RedCon1 B.A.R. Review: Breakfast Just Got Better
RedCon1 B.A.R. is a nice change of pace from your typical protein bar, it's even a nice change-up from the MRE Bar. It is packed with 20g of protein, delicious flavor, soft texture and the best part, REAL CEREAL PIECES. Perfecting a cereal protein bar cannot be easy, but RedCon1 somehow found a way to make the best cereal protein bar ever.
RedCon1 Total War RTD Review: The Best RTD Pre-Workout Available
Total War RTD isn't just an energy drink, it is literally a full-dosed pre-workout that is ready-to-drink. The label is so impressive that they were able to put all of that in one bottle, while having great taste and no grittiness.
RedCon1 Grunt Review: A Versatile Choice for a Fasted Workout
Grunt is a good choice for people who want a simple/versatile amino supplement that can be used as an intra, between meals, or as a way to avoid fasted training in the AM while still training on an empty stomach.
RedCon1 Big Noise Review: A Focus First Pump Product
Big Noise is a solid/versatile pump product that will not hurt your wallet. While some of the flavors are a bit intense, there is bound to be something you like.
RedCon1 MRE Lite Review
MRE Lite from RedCon1 could more-or-less be called a whey protein alternative. This isn’t a bad thing. With 24g of protein per serving from beef, salmon, chicken, egg, rice and pea, you are getting a nice alternative to whey. For those of us trying to get away from whey, this is a good choice. The price is going to be higher than your traditional 2lb tub, but you’re getting whole food sources as your protein. I would not go as far as calling this a MRE Lite, but a whey alternative. A great investment for those of you looking for that.
RedCon1 GI Juice Review
GI Juice is RedCon1’s greens and digestive enzyme powder. This delicious powder contains 11.25g of greens, and less than 1g of digestive enzymes. Overall, this is one of the best tasting greens powders I have had, the profile deck is decent and the price can be reasonable, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of fruits and greens in their diet.
RedCon1 MRE Bar Review: One of the Best Bars On The Market
MRE Bars from RedCon1 are like no other protein bar, because it gets it’s protein from whole food sources. This is a huge benefit for the MRE Bar over competitors. They are amazing for texture and great one taste. The eyebrow raiser is the price tag. If you can find this on-sale it’s a grab and buy for sure! OR If you just want to use our coupon code and save money – that works too!
RedCon1 Fade Out Review: A Proven Sleep Aid
Fade Out was designed to give you a great nights sleep to help your body recover. The true secret to building muscle is the time your body gets to recover, your sleep. Fade Out combines some amazing ingredients that help you achieve an amazing night sleep while promoting growth hormone to become one helluva recovery agent anyone serious about bodybuilding should consider.

RedCon1 Latest News

RedCon1 Launches Waffles & Syrup in MRE
RedCon1 has brought the Waffles & Syrup flavor to the MRE line of powders.
RedCon1 Launches Waffles & Syrup MRE Lite Full Time
RedCon1 has launched Waffles & Syrup MRE Lite as an everyday flavor.
RedCon1 X Juniors Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake MRE Lite Is Here
RedCon1 has launched their first flavor collaboration with New York based Juniors in Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake MRE Lite.
RedCon1 Returns BAR
RedCon1 has returned their popular BAR in a new size and format.
RedCon1 Total War Now Available in Rainbow Sherbert Flavor
RedCon1 has added Rainbow Sherbert to their flavors of Total War as a limited edition.
RedCon1 Energy Now Available in Baja Bomb
RedCon1 has launched their newest flavor of RedCon1 Energy on Baja Bomb.
RedCon1 Launches MRE Protein Brownies and Brookies
RedCon1 has launched their MRE Protein Muffins and MRE Protein Brookies.
RedCon1 Launches Blackberry Lemonade Flavored Total War
RedCon1 has launched a new flavor to the Total War pre-workout powder lineup in Blackberry Lemonade.
RedCon1 Total War and Total War RTD Available in Baja Bomb
RedCon1 launches a new Baja Bomb flavor in their Total War powder and Total War RTD drink.
RedCon1 Total War Black Ops Available Now
RedCon1 new Total War Black Ops has officially launched exclusively with GNC.
RedCon1 Reveals Launch Date and Label Behind Total War Black Ops
Redcon1 Total War Black Ops is coming exclusively to GNC on February 15th, we break down the full label!
RedCon1 Energy Coming in 2022
RedCon1 has announced that their line of energy drinks will launch in late 2022.
RedCon1 Peach Iced Tea Total War Has Arrived
RedCon1 has added Peach Iced Tea to their popular pre-workout Total War.
RedCon1 To Launch Two New Flavors Over 4th of July Weekend
RedCon1 will add American Pie to MRE Lite and American Berry to Total War for the 2022 4th of July weekend.
RedCon1 C-Burn Available Now
RedCon1 C-Burn, the brand's stimulant based capsule fat burner, has officially launched.
RedCon1 War Games Getting Bubblegum Flavor
RedCon1's gaming formula War Games is getting a new flavor in Bubblegum.
Booty and the Beast Episode 9: RedCon1 Co-Founder and President Eric Hart
RedCon1 Co-Founder and President Eric Hart discusses the state of RedCon1 without Aaron Singerman, future innovation and his background in the sports nutrition industry.
RedCon1 Launching New Fat Burner C-Burn Summer 2022
RedCon1 is launching a new thermogenic fat burner called C-Burn in the summer of 2022.
RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman Sentenced to 54-Months in Federal Prison
A federal judge in the indictment against RedCon1 founder Aaron Singerman issued a 54-month prison sentence.
Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun Enter Plea Agreement in Federal Case
RedCon1's Aaron Singerman and Blackstone Labs PJ Braun have entered into a plea agreement in the 2019 federal indictment.
RedCon1 Cancels Partnership with Arnold Sports Festival
Longtime Arnold Sports Festival sponsor RedCon1 ends partnership with organization after Arnold's "Screw your freedom," comments.
RedCon1 Gym Looking to Expand into Nashville
RedCon1 is looking to takeover the Nashville Athletic Club to make it RedCon1 Gym Nashville.
RedCon1 Total War Launches in Walmart at a Premium Price
RedCon1's pre-workout launched in Walmart nearly 2x the price of the next most expensive pre-workout.
RedCon1 To Launch Sour Tropical Punch Total War
RedCon1 will be launching the new flavor in the near future.
RedCon1 To Launch Total War Lemon Lime Flavor
RedCon1 announced on their IG that they will be introducing a Lemon-Lime flavor to their Total War family.
RedCon1 B.A.R. Being Discontinued & Replaced
RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman confirms that the B.A.R. will be discontinued and replaced with a new bar in early 2021.
RedCon1 To Launch Limited Total War Halloween Flavor
Total War will be getting. Zombie Blood flavor for Halloween.
RedCon1’s Canteen Full Label Revealed
RedCon1's new hydration formula, Canteen, has officially been released.
RedCon1 Launches New Big Noise Formula
RedCon1has just launched an updated formula of Big Noise, their popular pump supplement.
The Bright Spot of Giving in a Seemingly Dark Year
While many wish to forget 2020, these companies went above and beyond to give back.
RedCon1’s Hydration Formula Canteen Coming Soon
RedCon1 is set to launch Canteen, the brand's first dedicated hydration product.
RedCon1 Launches War Games
The new gaming supplement from RedCon1 is now officially available.
RedCon1 Releases War Games Profile
RedCon1 has unveiled their upcoming nootropic targeted towards gamers.
Redcon1 Launching Two New Flavors Of Total War RTD
The two new flavors include Strawberry Kiwi and Vice City.
RedCon1 To Launch Special Edition Total War For July 4th
RedThe special edition Total War will be launching July 4th to celebrate the holiday.
RedCon1 Launches Basic Training Series
RedCon1 has just launched their new line of singles ingredient supplements. These include basic supplements such as Vitamin D, Yohimbine HCl, and Beta-Alanine.
RedCon1 Introduces War Games, Their First Gaming Supplement
RedCon1 will be officially launching the first gaming supplement under the brand called War Games.
An Entire Vice City Collection Coming from RedCon1
One of the more popular RedCon1 flavors, Vice City, is coming as an entire collection soon!
RedCon1 Launching Canada Exclusive Total War Yukon Gold Flavor
RedCon1 is going to be launching a flavor exclusive to Canada called Yukon Gold.
RedCon1 Rebrands Their Popular MRE Bars
RedCon1 has rebranded their top selling protein bar with a more gentle, inviting look.
RedCon1 Launching Star Wars Themed Total War
RedCon1 is seizing the opportunity to take advantage of the May 4th date with the announcement of a Star Wars themed Total War.
RedCon1 Launches A Standalone Vitamin C
RedCon1 is launching a line of standalone supplement, and they have just released Vitamin C
RedCon1 Foxtrot: Protect Your Joints
RedCon1 Foxtrot is a joint support supplement mean to help against the wear and tear from lifting
Way Too Early Look at 2020 Fitness Informant Award Nominees
We are through Q1 2020 and FI takes a look at their Way Too Early Look at 2020 Fitness Informant Award nominees including Brand of the Year.
RedCon1 Cookie Dough MRE Bar is Here!
RedCon1 has finally released their Cookie Dough MRE Bar. Some are saying this is the best MRE Bar yet!
RedCon1 Launches Irish Cream Isotope
RedCon1 gets in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with the launch of Irish Cream Isotope.
RedCon1 FUBAR Energy Shot Now Available
RedCon1 has officially launched its 400mg caffeinated energy shot called FUBAR.
RedCon1 Launches Peanut Butter Cookie MRE Flavor
RedCon1 has added another new MRE flavor in Peanut Butter Cookie.
RedCon1 To Have BOGO Sale On Entire Line For Arnold Classic Weekend
Even with the cancellation of the Arnold Classic, RedCon1 is having an epic sale to celebrate the popular weekend. This weekend, get BOGO on the entire RedCon1 line.
RedCon1 Brings The Arnold To You
RedCon1 will be live-streaming the Arnold Classic Live this year, as the event itself is not open to to public.
RedCon1 Teases Two New Flavors Exclusive To Canada
RedCon1 is set to launch two new Canadian themed flavors of Total War
RedCon1’s Fubar Energy Shot Gets Release Date
RedCon1's new Fubar energy shot is set to be launched on March 11th.
RedCon1 Fubar Flavors Revealed
RedCon1 has leaked the flavors of the upcoming energy shot Fubar.
RedCon1 Launching An Energy Shot Called Fubar
RedCon1 is launching an energy shot called Fubar which will feature a large amount of caffeine.
RedCon1 Ration Packs Available Now
RedCon1's meal replacement packs, Ration Packs, are available now.
Caramel Macchiato MRE Lite Coming from RedCon1
RedCon1 continues to launch new flavors of MRE Lite, this time a coffee shop favorite in Caramel Macchiato.
RedCon1 Confirms Flavors and Launch Date of MRE Lite RTD
RedCon1 has confirmed the first six flavors of MRE Lite and the products launch date.
RedCon1 MRE Lite RTD Confirmed for Q1 2020
RedCon1 has completed their trial run of MRE Lite RTD, approved the flavors and are set for a Q1 2020 launch.
RedCon1 Chocolate Mint MRE Bar On The Way
RedCon1 is adding Chocolate Mint to their MRE Bar flavors.
RedCon1 Launching 2 Flavors of MRE Lite for the Holidays
RedCon1 will launch Gingerbread Cookie and Peppermint Bark MRE Lite for the 2020 holiday season.
RedCon1 Brings Back Meal Replacement Packs with Ration Pack
RedCon1 will bring back the convenient Meal Replacement Packs with the announcement of Ration Pack, coming Black Friday.
RedCon1 Snickerdoodle MRE Bar Available Friday
RedCon1 will add it's 10th flavor of MRE Bar with the launch of Snickerdoodle on Black Friday.
RedCon1 Peanut Butter and Jelly MRE Bar Coming Black Friday
RedCon1 is launching Peanut Butter and Jelly MRE Bar on Black Friday to go along with their massive sales!
RedCon1 Caramel Corn and Pumpkin Pie MRE Lite Dropping Black Friday
RedCon1 is releasing a limited edition Caramel Corn and Pumpkin Pie MRE Lite for Black Friday.
RedCon1 Total War Vice City Coming Soon
RedCon1 will launch a Vice City inspired Total War featuring a rubberized finish to the actual container.
RedCon1 Launching Gaming Division
RedCon1 will dive into the world of gaming with their new RedCon1 Gaming Division
RedCon1 Launching Stranger Things Inspired Total War
RedCon1 will be launching a limited edition Stranger Things inspired flavor of Total War for Halloween.
RedCon1 Will Launch Krunchy Kernel B.A.R. Next
RedCon1 will follow-up Apple Blast B.A.R. with their Captain Crunch inspired Krunchy Kernel B.A.R.
RedCon1 Apple Blast B.A.R. Now Available
RedCon1 will added a new flavor to their B.A.R. line with the addition of Apple Blast.
RedCon1 To Launch Apple Blast B.A.R.
RedCon1 will add a new flavor to their B.A.R. line with the addition of Apple Blast.
RedCon1 Gym Coming This October
RedCon1 is opening their first branded gym on October 11 in Boca Raton, FL.
RedCon1 Launches Alcohol Inspired Total War Flavors
RedCon1 is adding Pina Colada and Mojito flavors to their Total War line.
RedCon1 Partners With DICK’s Sporting Goods; Nationwide Distribution
RedCon1 gains national distribution in DICK's Sporting Goods for Total War and Total War RTD.
Peanut Butter & Jelly MRE Bar and Reese’s Puffs BAR Coming From RedCon1
RedCon1 is adding two new flavors to their popular protein bar lines. PB&J will be the newest flavor of MRE Bar and Reese's Puffs will be the newest BAR.
S’Mores MRE Bar and Choco Crisps B.A.R. from RedCon1 Launching Today
RedCon1 is launching S'Mores MRE Bar and Choco Crisps B.A.R. today!
White Walker Total War Returns for RedCon1
RedCon1 will bring back it's popular White Walker Total War pre-workout for a very limited time.
RedCon1 Limited Edition America Total War Is Coming
RedCon1 will be launching an extremely limited edition America inspired Total War with only 1,776 available!
RedCon1 S’mores MRE Lite Now Available
RedCon1 is expanding their flavors on their popular MRE Lite line with the addition of S'mores.
RedCon1 11 Bravo Available Now On Buy One, Get One Free
RedCon1's newest natural muscle builder 11 Bravo is available now with a special buy one, get one free offer.
Episode 32: Aaron Singerman and Kris Gethin
Aaron Singerman, CEO RedCon1, and Kris Gethin, CEO of Kaged Muscle Supplements, are on the same podcast at the same time discussing the supplement industry.
RedCon1 Announces 11 Bravo Coming Soon
RedCon1 announces a new natural anabolic product 11 Bravo - coming soon.
RedCon1 Bringing Back Med Kit Returns With New Look
RedCon1 is bringing back their Med Kit, this time as a container and not a box with individual pouches.
RedCon1 Peanut Butter Cookie MRE Lite Coming Soon!
RedCon1 is expanding their flavors on their popular MRE Lite line with the addition of Peanut Butter Cookie.
RedCon1 Launching Fudge Brownie MRE
RedCon1 is expanding their MRE flavors again, this time with the addition of Fudge Brownie.
RedCon1 MRE Lite RTD Is Coming
RedCon1 has decided to tackle the protein RTD market with MRE Lite, coming soon.
RedCon1 Now Offering B.A.R. Variety Pack
RedCon1 is now offering their popular breakfast inspired protein bars B.A.R. in a variety pack.
New MRE Bar and B.A.R. Flavors Coming from RedCon1
RedCon1 will be launching two new MRE Bar flavors and three new BAR flavors in the next several months.
RedCon1’s First Vegan Protein, Green Beret, Now Available!
RedCon1's first vegan protein, Green Beret, is finally available for purchase in four flavors.
RedCon1 Releases Limited Edition Game of Thrones Inspired White Walker Total War Flavor
RedCon1 launches a limited edition flavor of Total War inspired by Games of Thrones called White Walker, designed to taste like Monster White.
RedCon1’s Green Beret Launching In 4 Flavors This Week
RedCon1's first vegan protein, Green Beret, will be launching in four delicious flavors this week.
RedCon1 Announces Alpha Team – An Exclusive VIP Program
A new, exclusive VIP program from RedCon1 will feature early access to products, flavor testing and more!
RedCon1 Introduces Two New MRE Lite Flavors
RedCon1 is launching two new flavors of their MRE Lite: Snickerdoodle and Strawberry Shortcake.
RedCon1’s B.A.R. Protein Cereal Bar Now Available
RedCon1's new B.A.R. protein cereal bar with real cereal pieces is now available for purchase. Save 33%!
RedCon1 Announces Their First Vegan Protein Green Beret
RedCon1 is set to launch their first non-gmo, naturally sweetened vegan protein called Green Beret.
Official Launch Date for RedCon1’s B.A.R. Cereal Bar Revealed
RedCon1 has officially announced the launch date of their new B.A.R. Protein Cereal Bar.
RedCon1 Picking One Lucky Person To Come To Boca to Their HQ
RedCon1 wants to bring you to Boca Raton to their HQ for some really cool stuff. Get your raffle ticket today!
RedCon1’s B.A.R. Protein Cereal Bar Coming Mid-February
The highly anticipated B.A.R. Protein Cereal Bars from RedCon1 set to launch mid-February.
B.A.R. Cereal Protein Bar from RedCon1 Launches January 31st
RedCon1 has announced it will launch its highly anticipated B.A.R. Cereal Bar powered by Whey Protein on January 31st.
RedCon1 Launching in 350+ H.E.B. Grocery Stores
RedCon1 launching it's line in 350 HEB grocery stores in April
RedCon1 Total War RTD Now Available
RedCon1's popular pre-workout Total War is now available in a RTD form.
RedCon1 Partners with Academy Outdoors
RedCon1 continues to expand their reach with a partnership with Academy Sports + Outdoors.
Episode 4: Aaron Singerman
RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman stops by the show to discuss his life in the world of sports nutrition. Aaron candidly speaks about his relationship with former best friend and business partner PJ Braun and how that all transpired. Aaron talks about Dallas McCarver and his last days on this earth. We discuss the success of RedCon1 and the future of the brand, both domestically and abroad.