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RedCon1 Total War and Total War RTD Available in Baja Bomb

RedCon1 Total War Baja Bomb

RedCon1 has added another flavor to their lineup of Total War pre-workout flavors as well as their Total War RTD drink. Baja Bomb is the newest flavor to join the RedCon1 Total War pre-workout family.

Baja Bomb is RedCon1's take on the popular Baja Splash flavor from PepsiCo (Mountain Dew). The flavor cues indicate that the drink will have hints of lime, mango, pineapple and peach.

The newest flavor of Total War pre-workout powder and Total War RTD is available now on RedCon1's website.

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Final Takeaway

RedCon1 does a really good job of flavor extensions and limited edition flavors on their Total War pre-workout line-up. It is nice to see the brand extend the flavor over to their RTD set as well as that category has plenty of refrigerator space in major retail and gyms across the country. We will bring you the official one sip review at our Instagram page as soon as we receive it.

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