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KLOUT PWR KAIO Pre-Workout Coming Exclusively to GNC

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KLOUT PWR was on our list of brands to watch in 2023. A partnership with GNC was a big part of that. As part of that partnership with GNC, KLOUT PWR has agreed to formulate and provide them with an exclusive pre-workout called KAIO in two flavors: Psycho Serum and Cosmic Dust. KLOUT PWR KAIO will be the most sophisticated formula from KLOUT PWR in terms of ingredient selection.


KLOUT PWR got their big break in 2023 with an agreement to bring multiple products to GNC, including an exclusive pre-workout in KAIO. KAIO takes a few things from Mamba and Karma that consumers loved but also adds other ingredients on top of them to give users the most out of their pre-workout.

KLOUT PWR KAIO breaks down their formula into three parts: PWR Performance Matrix, PWR Focus Matric and PWR Pump Matrix.

KLOUT PWR KAIOThe PWR Performance Matrix starts with the proven 3.2g Beta Alanine. This ingredient helps buffer lactic acid and allows users to workout longer without muscle breakdown. This improves muscular endurance.

KLOUT elects to use 300mg of Aquamin minerals to aid with hydration.

KAIO uses two types of caffeine. Users get 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, the fast acting caffeine source. To prolong energy and to help reduce the impact of the letdown, users will also get 110mg Infinergy, which will yield 82.5mg caffeine for a total caffeine amount of 382.5mg per serving.


Theobromine, a metabolite of caffeine, is dosed at 150mg. This can have caffeine like effects, with an improvement in energy levels as well as increased body temperature.

Lastly, 100mg Pink Himalayan Salt is used to aid with hydration.

Next we move into the PWR Focus Matrix. It starts with 1,000mg of Taurine. This is more for electrolyte regulation than cognition. We would have actually placed this in the Performance Matrix above.

L-Tyrosine is dosed at 1,000mg. This non0-essential amino acid has been gaining popularity for its positive impact on focus and memory.

Alpha GPC is dosed at 600mg. This 600mg yields 300mg of active Alpha GPC, which is what we want when we look for Alpha GPC in any product. This choline molecule has been touted as one of the best as it crossed the blood-brain barrier and can improve cognition, focus and memory.

CognatiQ, formerly known as NeuroFactor, is dosed at 150mg. This is a massive dosage of CognatiQ, which we typically see at 100mg max. This coffeeberry extract helps improve cognition and focus.

TeaCrine is dosed at 50mg. This too could have been placed in the Performance Matrix, but it does have cognitive benefits. At a 20mg active yield it may help taper off energy levels and improve focus.

Finally we get into the PWR Pump Matrix. This is a combination of three versions of NO3-T exogenous nitrates. Users will get 1,000mg Betaine Nitrate, 750mg Arginine Nitrate and 500mg Sodium Nitrate. Collectively users are getting 2,250mg NO3-T making this a great pre-workout for pumps.

Overall this is KLOUT PWR’s best formula in the line-up. It will be premium priced at about $60 per 25-servings, but on paper, it will be well worth it. KAIO will launch at all GNCs officially on April 6th and at on April 1st.

Final Takeaway

Had the chance to use this a bunch and I really like this pre-workout. Good energy with elevated focus and performance. Pumps are on-point too with the 2,250mg NO3-T nitrates. This is the best pre-workout by the brand thus far and compete with the best of them.

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