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KLOUT PWR continues their hot run in 2023 with the full reveal of their upcoming caffeine free KAIO Pump & Performance product. KAIO is the name that was given to KLOUT's next-level pre-workout that was exclusive to GNC. KLOUT PWR KAIO Pump & Performance is also a next-level supplement, but caffeine free.

The new KLOUT PWR KAIO Pump & Performance powder will launch via the brand's website on July 1st. It will later be released at retailers around the country. It will be available in two flavors: Cotton Candy and Orange Creamsicle. Each container is 25-servings.

KLOUT PWR KAIO Pump & Performance Supplement Facts Breakdown

KLOUT PWR has been doing a great job of brining forward effective formulas. Whether we are talking the KAIO series of products or just their everyday drivers, they work.

KLOUT PWR KAIO Pump & Performance, on paper, is a formula that is sure to perform well.

KLOUT PWR KAIO PUMPThe formula starts with the PWR Pump & Performance Matrix. We first get 6g of 3DPUMP-Breakthrough. 3DPUMP-Breakthrough is a blend of three ingredients (Citrulline, Glycerol and Amla Extract) that has been clinically proven to perform as well as 8g of Citrulline, without some of the side effects reported by users. 3DPUMP-Breakthrough promotes blood flow leading to fuller pumps and better recovery.

Cluster Dextrin is used at 4g. This small, yet helpful amount of quick acting carbs, help with performance during your workout as the body needs carbohydrate replenishment. 

L-Ornithine HCL is the next ingredient used at 500mg. Ornithine has been shown that it can reduce ammonia in the body which can lead to an anti-fatigue benefit.

Grape Seed Extract is dosed at 150mg. Grape Seed Extract has been shown to improve nitric oxide levels and increase blood flow.

Three key ingredients make up the PWR Performance matrix. The first is Taurine at 1,000mg. Taurine can help regulate electrolytes and can lead to better performance. Peak ATP is dosed at 400mg. Peak ATP is exogenous ATP that helps improve exercise performance. Lastly, you get 50mg of Senactiv from NuLiv Science. Senactiv essentially works by removing “powerless” cells and aids in the generation of new cells. This can lead to improved performance.

The last matrix is the PWR Hydration matrix. You will get 300mg Pink Himalayan Salt which will help keep you hydrated. You will also get two electrolytes in Potassium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate. Coconut Water Powder is also used at 250mg for cellular hydration.

Overall, this is a solid formula from KLOUT PWR. It can be used alone or you can stack it with any one of their other pre-workouts, including KAIO.

Final Takeaway

I have gotten a chance to test drive this formula straight from the R&D lab. I love it. I got the Cotton Candy version, which traditionally I am not a fan of that flavor, but theirs was good. I am very excited to try the Orange Creamsicle flavor. Rumor has it there may be a big sale when this launches, so stay tuned, but very exciting what KLOUT has done this year and continues to do.

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