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AstroFlav Launches New and Improved Collagen with Puremidine

By June 26, 2023No Comments
AstroFlav Collagen

AstroFlav does it again, making some of the most unique products on the market with science backed research ingredients. Revamping their old collagen formula, they have launched the new and improved collagen with added Puremidine.

AstroFlav Collagen & Puremidine Supplement Facts

With Collagen being a growing topic and people supplementing it for it’s numerous amounts of benefits, AstroFlav gives you a high quality 20g of grass-fed bovine collagen peptides. Collagen being the most abundant protein in the body for usage, it is varied for how much to actually use per day. however, most research suggest using at least 5-15g per day for general daily health support, as some studies have suggested to use more in some cases of specific support. AstroFlav has specifically chose to use collagen peptide to help increase the bioavailability of collagen to help with absorption and utilization, compared to just a regular collagen source.

AstroFlav CollagenAs there are several types of collagens out there, specifically the benefits of throwing collagen types I & III in this formula makes and argument that everyone could benefit to adding this to their supplement stack. Breaking down collagen type I you will find the benefits will range from promoting beauty aspects such as healthy hair, skin, and nails to helping hydrate your skin to reduce fine lines to help with the anti-aging process. 

Next, AstroFlav adds in what could be one of the best complimentary ingredients to their collagen formula, Puremidine. Puremidine a patented form of Spermidine, has been created by NNB Nutrition. The science behind Spermidine is a member of the polyamine’s family. Polyamines which are polycations will play a direct role in interacting with negatively charged molecules in the body that include DNA, RNA and lipids. Through several research studies it has been found that spermidine is found to be a “longevity elixir” that can be used in the supplement industry as an ingredient to help promote longevity and health span.

Puremidine provides several benefits several benefits including helping promote cell autophagy & regulating cell apoptosis, regulation of inflammatory response, providing antioxidative properties, maintain skeletal muscle, promoting healthy gut function, and helping maintain a healthy weight and plasma lipid profile. In simple terms it will help with keeping on good muscle tissue, help with joint inflammation, maintain healthy weight, and helps with anti-aging making this the ultimate ingredient to pair with collagen such as AstroFlav has done.

Final Takeaway

Never being fully interested in adding collagen to my daily routine, even though if I know the benefits it has for your joints as a avid lifter myself. With Astroflav introducing this new formula with the added Puremidine it makes me do a double take as these ingredients act as two peas in a pod of working together to provide very similar benefits to help effectivley produce results as a formula.

FIt Butters

The best part of this product is that I feel anyone, and everyone can benefit from the daily use of AstroFlav's reformulated collagen as it will help with beauty rejuvenation for those who want the extra hair, skin, and nails support. The bodybuilder, athlete or avid gym goer who wants to add the most abundant form of protein found in their body to help with muscle retention and joint support from lifting heavy and avid abuse on their joints. Finally, it could be used as well for those who want to help with the anti-aging process as it will also give great general health and wellness benefits for those looking to live a long, happy, and healthy lifestyle.

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