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AstroFlav Give Us the Loaded Pump in A-Pump

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In the world of weightlifting, you may hear many people talking about their "pump" and how they look and feel massive with more veins popping out of their skin. This is due to increased blood flow in your body. As many people may think an increased blood flow may just be good for making you feel and look bigger, it is also really good for nutrient transportation through the body helping deliver beneficial nutrients to your body and muscles more efficiently.

AstroFlav has given us loaded nitric oxide formula with scientifically studied ingredients in convenient on the go capsules. Some of these highlight ingredients include Amentopump®, VasoDrive-AP®, and PurpleForce®. Currently AstroFlav retails this for $42.95 for a 20-serving bottle. 

Ingredient Breakdown:

VasoDrive-AP (Hydrolyzed Casein Tripeptides) 508mg-

AstroFlav has included Vasodrive-AP in this formula as it is a very powerful vasodilator. Derived from a fermented Casein source.  As many of you might think this is going to be a direct correlation to protein and recovery, it can also be in correlation to blood flow. With due to to two tripeptides of lactotripeptides Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl- Prolyl-Proline (IPP). These tripeptides derived from amino acids valine, prolinem and isoleucine have been shown to work great in conjunction together to help with blood flow, blood pressure, recovery, and power output. With a recommended dosage starting at 255mg per day, AstroFlav gives us 508n in this formula. 

Korean Red Ginseng 325mg-

Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) may not be the number ingredient you might turn to when you think of nitric oxide production. However, it has been shown to help with nitric oxide production. This is due to KSG containing ginsenosides that have been found to possess vasodilatory properties. KSG can help improve more than just better blood flow as it may also increase our natural energy levels without the use of caffeine. A recommended dosage of KSG can range between 200-400mg, A-Pump contains 325mg.

AmentoPump (Selaginella tamariscina) 200mg- 

AmentoPump, a swiss army knife of ingredients can can be beneficial in the use of a product due to its increased power output to its ability to help with fat breakdown.  AmentoPump is Selaginella tamariscina, this contains amentoflavone and its claim to fame is its direct correlation to help improve strength. This is due to AmentoPump helping with a helping stimulate more mineral intake which can also lead to better vasodilation and pumps. A standard dose of AmentoPump is set at 200mg and AstroFlav has delivered just that in this formula with aa 200mg dosage.

Nattokinase 4,000FU 200mg- 

Moving along in this formula you will notice AstroFlav has once again included a very unique ingredient that most will not think of when it comes to a pump formula. Nattokinase is an enzyme that comes from a Japanese food called natto. Natto is made from boiling soybeans until they have been fermented with a type of bacteria. In relationship to blood flow Nattokinase has been shown to help lower blood pressure and help improve cardiovascular function. A suggested dose of Nattokinase will range from 100 to 200mg per day, in A-Pump they give us the max dosing at 200mg.

FIt Butters

PurpleForce Purple Tea Extract 100mg- 

Unique, unique, unique is what seems to be the trend of this formula AstroFlav has given us. They have included the use of PurpleForce, a Kenyan purple tea extract that has been shown in studies to help improve performance, reduce fatigue and help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This is due to Purple tea being rich in sever useful ingredients and compounds such as GHG which helps inhibit lipid and fat absorption leading to a boost in your metabolism support. PurpleForce has also been shown to help promote cellular energy and glucose absorption in skeletal muscle from helping activate AMPK in our body. A suggested dose of PurpleForce is 100mg just as AstroFlav has given us. 

Pine Bark Extract 100mg- 

Continuing on in this very unique and potent formula AstroFlav has added Pine Bark Extract. Pine Bark Extract contains procyanidins, which is very rich in antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties will help minimizing oxidative damage from free radicals in your body to support your general well-being. Pine Bark Extract is also helps supports nitric oxide or blood flow in the body to help increase your pumps and vasodilation. Pine Bark Extract dosage is very dependent for what you are using it for ranging from 50mg-200mg, AstroFlav gives us a great mild dosing at 100mg. 

Banaba Leaf Extract 50mg- 

Rounding out this unique formula of ingredients you will find Banaba Leaf Extract. This is a unique ingredient to add in this formula as it is not targeted straight to blood flow. However, it can help the body reduce blood sugar and utilize insulin more efficiently. Why does this matter? As many people will eat a pre-workout meal to help spike their insulin levels before they lift to help increase pump, endurance, and fullness. With using a Banaba Leaf Extract in this formula will help utilize that meal better. With a suggested dos of 32-48mg, Astrflav give us right on the 50mg mark to best utilize this ingredient. 

Bioprene 10mg- 

A patented piperine extract, containing at least 95% piperine is easily absorbed in your body to help increase some thermogenic properties and also help with absorption properties of other ingredients. A suggested dose is between 5-20mg a day, AstroFlav gives us 10mg.


Final Takeaway

As you browse through a lot of AstroFlav products you will find these to be very unique formulas of ingredients you may not find in a lot of other mainstream products. I love how uniquely they have created these products with science backed information. A-Drip is one of those that has me very intrigued to try as not only are they focusing on better nitric oxide properties, but they also want to take and utilize what you have ate throughout the day or your pre-workout meal and optimize it. This will be a must try for me as I usually only have 1 meal in me before I go to lift in the morning. 

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