RedCon1 MRE Lite RTD Is Coming

RedCon1 MRE Lite RTD

NOTEAll images and renderings of the MRE Lite RTD were created by Fitness Informant, LLC. These were not created or distributed by RedCon1, LLC.

While everyone in sports nutrition (and larger beverage) are looking right, at the energy drink RTD market, Aaron Singerman is looking left, at the protein RTD market. RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman has confirmed that the company will be releasing a MRE Lite RTD soon.

RedCon1 took their Total War pre-workout powder and made it into one of the best pre-workout RTDs on the market today with full clinical doses. Total War RTD is a product launch that RedCon1 started 2019 with it, but they are not stopping there.

The protein RTD market has virtually been untouched in years. Aaron Singerman sees this as a white space to play in, especially with his whey protein alternative MRE Lite. MRE Lite contains protein sources from beef, chicken, salmon, egg, rice and pea. 

The protein RTD space has big players like CytoSport, recently just purchased by PepsiCo, which makes Muscle Milk. Other players include Optimum Nutrition, Labrada, Premier Protein and Pure Protein. None of these brands have been able to make noise in the category like Bang has in the energy drink category. That may be about to change if RedCon1 can perfect the MRE Lite RTD.

There is no time table for an ETA at this time, although we are being told sooner rather than later. Aaron Singerman has confirmed the MRE Lite RTD several times on IG Live and IG Stories.

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Fitness Informant's POV

I like this move a lot from RedCon1. First off, MRE is one of the best selling lines in all of sports nutrition. Second, it is an alternative to whey (dairy) based protein. Third, RedCon1 has gained major distribution at locations like H.E.B. (grocery chain) and Academy Outdoors. They also have gained distribution in many large gyms nationwide including Anytime Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Gold's Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, World's Gym and more. Let's not forget about their distribution deal with Europa which can get them into any store. Oh...did I not mention that they are killing it at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe too? They have coolers, you know.

I also really like this move because that space of RTD has not been disrupted like Bang did to the energy drink category. Bang brought a new attitude, a new "functional benefit" to that space. Aaron Singerman is looking at the protein RTD space in similar fashion; he's looking to shake it up with MRE Lite.

If they can pull this off, this will be one of their biggest accomplishments of 2019. I cannot imagine creating a refrigerated liquid beverage of a very popular powder. I would imagine they would have to add a few things or remove stuff (like they removed two ingredients from Total War RTD), but this would give consumers an alternative to whey/dairy based protein. The launch of MRE Lite may also gain RedCon1 distribution in C-Stores across America too...time shall tell.

After this, maybe he tackles Green Beret RTD...

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