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RedCon1 Launches New Big Noise Formula

big noiseRedCon1 has just surprised us all with the launch of a reformulated Big Noise. Big Noise is their popular pump supplement, and we were fans of the old formula here on FI.

The new formula starts off with 2.5 grams of Betaine Anhydrous. Betaine is a popular ingredient in pre-workouts, as it can improve power output. This is then followed by Acetyl-L-Carnitine. ALCAR is a popular form of Carnitine as it crosses the blood-brain barrier well and has studies showing it to be great for focus. 

The next ingredient is probably the most interesting one. CitraPeak™, or Glucosyl-Hesperidin is in here at 200mg. It has some research showing it to increase blood flow at 200mg, so it is clinically dosed.

The next two ingredients are Theanine and Shisandra. Theanine is in everything these days, as it can help with reducing anxiety. Schisandra is also known as Magnolia, and is a known adaptogen. 

So the new formula got rid of the Agmatine and Glycerol Monostearate, and is taking a different approach with this formula. Be sure to stay tuned for our initial thoughts on the product, as we expect to get them here shortly.

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Final Takeaway

While we do not believe Big Noise needed a reformulation, we have to admit we are interesting in that CitraPeak™. Big Noise was a solid pump supplement, and we are curious to how this one will perform. We expect to get a tub in here soon to try out for ourselves to see if the CitraPeak™ delivers as well as the old Big Noise does. Only thing we would like to see higher here is the ALCAR, but we will still give this a try.

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