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MuscleSport To Launch Limited Edition Halloween Flavor

MuscleSport is back and they have just announced that they will be launching a limited edition flavor for they BCAA Revolution and they Rhino Rampage products this coming Friday. 

The flavor is a Halloween themed Ghoulade, and the tubs will actually glow in the dark! From what we’ve been told, Ghoulade will be a mix of Candy Lime and Banana Runts. With how well MuscleSport does with flavoring, we are sure this one will be a hit as well. 

BCAA Revolution is an amino supplement meant to aid with recovery, and Rhino Rampage is a hard hitting high-stim pre-workout. 

The new flavors come just about 2 weeks out from Halloween, and their will be limited quantities available. Be sure to stay tuned for more info as well as a launch article!

Final Takeaway

Boy do we love this. BCAA Revolution is certainly a tasty amino product, and we love all of the flavors for that one. So this one should be great as well. We have to admit, the glow in the dark tubs are simply cool, and we can't wait to try this out ourselves.

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