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MuscleForce Launches Halloween Themed Defiant Unleashed

A brand that we have become a major fan of here at FI is MuscleForce. They are known for their hard-hitting pre-workout Defiant/Defiant Unleashed and their Obedient X3 pump formula, and they have just launched a new limited themed flavor/formula for their powerful pre-workout Defiant Unleashed. 

Taking a quick look at the label, the profile is quite powerful, and is certainly going to hit your hard. It starts off the the usual performance boosters, which are Citrulline Malate and Beta-Alanine, both at solid doses. It then proceeds to give you a master stem-blend, which starts off with a whopping 450mg of Caffeine, as well as 3 separate exotic stimulants, including PEA and DMHA. 

You also get a strong looking nootropic blend, which consists of the usual Tyrosine and Choline, both at 1 gram each. You also get Lion’s Mane, which is a mushroom that helps with brain health, and also 30mg of Noopept. 

The profile then finished off with 50mg of AstraGin, which can help with absorption of some of the ingredients in Defiant Unleashed.

With MuscleForce’s history of well-flavored products, this one is certainly interesting.

Monster Mash is available now at MuscleForce’s website. Use promo code INFORMANT to save 15%.

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 15%

Final Takeaway

Nice theme going on here. While other brands to Halloween flavors and formulas here, this one looks quite cool. We really like the color scheme of the tub. The profile is on the stronger side, and this isn't something we recommend for everyone. With how well everything from Muscleforce has tasted for us thus far, we are sure this one will be great as well, and we still have no idea what a Monster Mash is supposed to taste like!

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