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RedCon1 C-Burn Available Now

RedCon1 C-Burn

RedCon1 has launched their new stimulant based, convenient capsule fat burner in C-Burn. C-Burn is a 30-serving convenient capsule based fat burner formulated using key branded ingredients at solid dosages.

We covered C-Burn in the past as a preview to RedCon1's upcoming launch. C-Burn may very well be the brand's best fat burner/thermogenic product.

With key ingredients like Dynamine, TeaCrine, Capsimax, Paradoxine, GBB and more, C-Burn is a respectable fat burner from the large sports nutrition company.

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Final Takeaway

Honestly I like this formula. For those who want to be really hardcore you could take two servings, but for the vast majority one serving of C-Burn should work quite well for increasing body temperature and aiding in fat loss. We will post more on this when it becomes available.

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