RedCon1 Partners with Academy Outdoors

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RedCon1 Academy Sports

Our 2018 Brand of the Year winner RedCon1 continues to grow with strategic partnerships that align the brand with their values. RedCon1 announced that they have signed a partnership deal with Academy Sports, a retailer with 290 locations throughout 16 states. 

For those unfamiliar with Academy Sports, think of Dicks, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas or Scheels.  RedCon1 is a brand known for being actively involved with the US military by offering discounts and shipping reduction rates to them. Academy Sports is a large retail outlet shopped by many active and formerly active US military personnel.

RedCon1 grew ~300% in 2018 – the fastest growing company in the space. With strategic partnerships like this one with Academy Sports, expect RedCon1 rapid expansion to continue into 2019.

See full press release here.

Fitness Informant’s POV

I love the partnership for RedCon1 and Aaron Singerman. The values of Academy Sports aligns with those of RedCon1. I praised Aaron last year for his partnership with the US Military Magazines (Army, Navy, etc) where RedCon1 was highlighted. He is doubling down on this market – one which is respected by all.

We’ve seen retail stores shelves stocked with sports nutrition supplements, some with alternative formulas to make the margins attractive for the retailer. I would not expect a formula change as RedCon1 recently updated all their formulas to be compliant in all countries. I cannot imagine the team wanting to create a new SKU for Academy Sports.

I am also curious to see what else RedCon1 will do in 2019. 

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