RedCon1 Announces Their First Vegan Protein Green Beret

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RedCon1 Green Beret

RedCon1 is about to go into an uncharted territory for the brand: the vegan protein market. RedCon1 announced today it is launching their first ever vegan product called Green Beret, a naturally sweetened, non-GMO vegan protein set to launch on March 11.

Plant-based protein is a trend with no signs of slowing down. In the CPG industry, plant-based protein is expected to grow by 7% CAGR (category average growth rate) through 2022. RedCon1 is taking advantage of this trend.

RedCon1 is no stranger to non-dairy based protein powders. Their MRE and MRE Lite are two of the best selling non-dairy protein powders on the market today, but it alienated vegans. RedCon1 will now have a solution for everyone, a dairy based protein (Isotope), an animal based protein (MRE, MRE Lite) and a vegan protein (Green Beret).

No word yet on the number of flavors but this is a big step for the brand. The flavor shown here is strawberry.

Fitness Informant’s POV

SMART. If RedCon1 wants to offer dietary solutions to everyone in fitness, they needed to add a vegan option. Some might say it doesn’t align with the brand, as some see it more as a hardcore brand, but I disagree. Since RedCon1 isn’t in prohormones or DMHA/DMAA anymore, they are more mainstream. They are in HEB stores and Academy Outdoors. Having options that appeal to all preferences is big for the brand and their quest to $100 million.

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