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Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun Enter Plea Agreement in Federal Case

By November 19, 2021No Comments
Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun Enter Plea Agreement

RedCon1's CEO Aaron Singerman and Blackstone Labs CEO PJ Braun have enter a plea agreement in their 2019 federal indictment. On November 17, 2021, both Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun plead guilty to federal charges and will await a sentencing hearing. 

Braun and Singerman each have agreed to plead guilty to two counts of a 14-count criminal indictment which includes charges of:

  • One count of a conspiracy to defraud consumers
  • Two counts of introducing a product known as Super DMZ RX 2.0, an unapproved new drug
  • One count of a conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids
  • Three separate counts of distribution of anabolic steroids
  • Three counts of money laundering

Braun and Singerman both have agreed to plead guilty to counts 3 and 4 of the indictment, which charged them with introduction of unapproved new drugs into interstate commerce with intent to defraud and mislead, and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun also agreed to forfeit money to the federal government prior to sentencing. Singerman will pay $2.9 million and Braun $3.0 million, plus certified funds of around $223,000 seized under a warrant from a bank account in the name of Blackstone Labs. 

In exchange, prosecutors have agreed to seek dismissals of eight counts against Braun and six counts against Singerman.

Both Singerman and Braun could face up to 13 years in prison, the plea agreements discloses. Based on federal sentencing guidelines, and provided they have no criminal history, Braun and Singerman each face between 63 and 78 months in prison on each count. However, the judge has the discretion to appoint harsher or more lenient sentences, including reductions for pleading guilty rather than going to trial. A sentencing hearing will occur at a later date.

RedCon1, the fastest growing sports nutrition brand, has distanced itself from the indictment and the plea deal. In an emailed statement to Natural Products Insider, RedCon1 states, "Redcon1 was founded after the conduct central to the Blackstone case concluded, and we had no involvement in the matters raised in that case."

A statement from RedCon1 was requested from FI. We will report that as soon as we receive it.

Stay tuned to FI for more updates in the case.

Final Takeaway

When the indictment came down in 2019 I decided not to discuss it because it was all accusations from the federal government. I am in the belief that you are innocent until proven guilty. However, with the plea deals entered into court system on November 17th, this now becomes a fact versus an accusation.

Aaron and PJ were once friends of mine. PJ and I had a falling out back at the end of 2019 when RedCon1 earned the Brand of the Year award from us. PJ and Aaron did not get along, this was public knowledge.

Aaron has been a friend of mine for a long time. I have been to his home, know his amazing wife and hung out with his three sons. He is a great father and a great husband. This hurts my heart as fellow father and as a husband. However, I know the deal was entered into by Aaron as it was the best thing for his family. He put family first.

With that said, I am disappointed that this occurred. This could have really hurt someone, or even worse. I said early on during this that if it comes out that they knowingly put something in a product or sold a product that could hurt someone, then they would need to face the consequences of their actions. That officially happened on November 17th.

It is important to note that sentencing could be as little as at-home time, or up to 13 years in prison. No one knows that the judge will do, but I am sure he will be fair given Aaron and PJ's decision to comply and forgo trial. There is no guarantee that they serve prison time, so let's not rush to make accusations.

At the end of the day we are human beings and we make mistakes. Some are unintentional, unfortunately this was intentional with money at the center of it all. I am upset and disappointed in both Aaron and PJ for this, but my mother always taught me that we need to forgive and forget.

Aaron has always been good to me and my family. I just recently reconnected with him at the Olympia, where he was kind and courteous as always. My hope is that Aaron has moved away from this kind of behavior, and I believe he has, and this was a mistake he made years ago. I believe family has changed Aaron for the better, but that does not negate you from previous actions.

More info will come out at FI over time based on FACTUAL data, not accusations or assumptions.

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