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RedCon1 Energy Coming in 2022

RedCon1 Energy

After being a topic of discussion and conversation for years, RedCon1 Energy is finally becoming a real thing. RedCon1 Energy will be launching in late 2022 with four flavors.

RedCon1 Energy will feature several fully disclosed ingredients targeting energy, focus hydration and fat loss. RedCon1 Energy will have 200mg of natural caffeine per can. Each can of RedCon1 Energy will also contain 200mg of Alpha-GPC for focus. Taurine will be featured at 1g to aid with hydration. Lastly, each can of RedCon1 Energy will contain 1g of L-Carnitine for energy production and potential fat loss.

RedCon1 Energy will launch in four flavors. Vice City, Cali Splash, Freedom Frost and Sour Gummy Blast will be the four flavors available at launch. Every flavor of RedCon1 Energy contains zero sugar. 

Per RedCon1:

Every REDCON1 ENERGY purchased will help support military organizations and families with a percentage of proceeds from each can going towards those who need it most.

More info on exact dates to coming soon.

Final Takeaway

This has been talked about for a long time. When RedCon1 launched Total War RTDs this was a conversation. I like the use of 200mg caffeine and 200mg Alpha-GPC. I am curious on the flavors. Total War RTDs were very good in my opinion, but carbonation can change a lot of things. RedCon1 Energy can be a huge launch for the brand. The brand stated that more than 50% of their current customers drink 10+ 16oz energy drinks per month. 

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