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Core Nutritionals Adds Blueberry Lemonade to CORE ZZZ

Core Nutritionals Core ZZZ Blueberry Lemonade

Core Nutritionals continues to pump out new products, flavors and extensions across their brand. Core Nutritionals popular and effective sleep aid, CORE ZZZ, has now added Blueberry Lemonade to their flavor line-up.

Pineapple Peach CORE ZZZ has been sold out, but the addition of Blueberry Lemonade gives customers a new stock of product to try. CORE ZZZ is backed by 3g of GABA, 1g Tryptophan, 200mg Theanine and 5mg Melatonin, plus more, to give users a deep REM sleep many of us desperately need.

A full flavor review of CORE ZZZ Blueberry Lemonade will be posted to our Instagram channel.

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Final Takeaway

We love this product, but they have been out of stock for a hot minute. If you're struggling to get good quality sleep, this is a supplement that will help. We recommend taking it when needed, not everyday due to the addictive nature of Melatonin. 

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