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MuscleTech To Launch EUPHORiQ Pre-Workout Featuring Efinity Ingredient

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MuscleTech EUPHORiQ

MuscleTech is looking to put the “tech” back into sports nutritional supplements with the reveal of their upcoming pre-workout supplement EUPHORiQ. The brand is touting this to be the “world’s first smart pre-workout.” EUPHORiQ pre-workout from MuscleTech will be the first pre-workout to feature Efinity Paraxanthine.

When caffeine is consumed, it is converted into three metabolites: theophylline, theobromine, and paraxanthine. Paraxanthine is the primiary metabolite at approximately 80% with the biggest impact on the central nervous system. However, studies indicate that caffeine metabolism varies from user to user. Enfinity Paraxanthine is the first known ingredient in the sports nutrition market that is being used in pre-workouts and fat burners. Enfinity is from Ingenious Ingredients. The brand states about Enfinity, “When ingested, Enfinity® functions more consistently than caffeine, leading to fewer side effects, greater enjoyability, improved mood, and a more focused mindset.”

MuscleTech EuphorIQ LabelMuscleTech’s EURPHORiQ pre-workout features 300mg of Enfinity along with a multitude of other beneficial ingredients. The formula also includes 4g Citrulline for increased nitric oxide production (blood flow). Users also get 3.2g of Beta-Alanine for muscular endurance. Betaine Anhydrous is dosed at 2.5g, which can lead to improved strength and power output, as well as increased blood flow and muscle recovery. 

Another branded ingredient this formula bodes is nooLVL from Nutrition 21 at 1.6g. nooLVL is a nootropic ingredient that has been shown to improve reaction time, clarity and blood flow. Taurine is also used at 1g to aid with electrolyte regulation, strength and endurance. Another cognition ingredient used is 500mg L-Tyrosine, which has been proven to improve focus.

Returning to branded ingredients, MuscleTech EUPHORiQ uses 300mg AlphaSize Alpha-GPC for cognitive benefits (mind/muscle connection). In addition, 100mg of NeuroFactor is also being used to improve focus, mood and energy. To cap off the cognition aspect of this pre-workout, MuscleTech includes 10mcg of Huperzine-A.

MuscleTech’s EUPHORiQ will be available in three flavors: Icy Snow Cone, Watermelon Candy and Yuzu Lemonade.

MuscleTech’s EUPHORiQ will launch on September 19, 2022.

Final Takeaway

On paper this thing looks great. There goes any bias you had towards "legacy" brands not innovating. I like the study behind Paraxanthine (Enfinity) and the use of it here. I don't have any personal experience with it, but based on the research it seems super promising and should blow up in the space (assuming MT has an exclusivity on it - we may not see this in other products for some time). Outside of this single ingredient, I love the build around focus ingredients. You will want to add a pump powder most likely if you want that benefit as well (although 4g Citrulline will be helpful). We are looking forward to trying this one once we get our hands on it.

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