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nooLVL®: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage and Supplements

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nooLVL is a patented, non-stimulant ingredient that boosts cognitive performance in gamers. What is it that makes nooLVL an unparalleled standout amongst performance ingredients? This bonded arginine silicate complex with an additional optimized dose of inositol, was designed for and studied in a population of gamers to target benefits that are most important to the booming eSports industry. nooLVL works FAST (in 15 minutes) and delivers increased energy safely, without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure*

Uses of nooLVL®

nooLVL is an ingredient that is similar to another popular ingredient from the Ingredient Supplier Nutrition21® called Nitrosigine®. It is meant to aid Gamers in performance, focus, and decision making. This is one of the first ingredients on the market to actually be studied on gamers, and it has some solid backing for that. 

In a study done on 60 men and women who averaged 5-7 hours of gaming per week were randomly assigned to take either nooLVL or a placebo. They were then made to do tests, including a Trail Making Test and Stroop Test. Following this they played a video game for an hour. Immediately after, the subjects repeated the tests. 

noolvlSubjects reported an increase in energy levels, as well as decreased anger. Also, subjects taking nooLVL experienced decreased errors in the second testing phase vs the placebo group.  

nooLVL works by increasing Nitric Oxide. While most of us lifters think that an NO boosting ingredient is simply used for pumps, there are a wealth of benefits to vasodilation. Increased blood flow can be beneficial for overall health, and can also be good for overall cognition, which is why it makes sense that an Arginine product would be beneficial for gamers. Not just any Arginine, but rather an Arginine Silica simplex. The bond makes Arginine more bioavailable, thus making it a small amount of Arginine bonded with Silica more effective than just straight Arginine alone. 

With eSports getting bigger and bigger, it makes sense to see more ingredients made for them. To our knowledge, this is the first ingredient that has been specifically tested in gamers. While the ingredient is multi-purpose, since it was studied on gamers, it will mostly be marketed to them. 

You will find nooLVL in gaming supplements, which are typically Nootropic based products, and also in some pre-workout, both stim-based and non-stim.

Interactions with nooLVL®

You will find NooLVL® paired with Nootropic ingredients, usually advertised as gaming supplements. These products will usually contain ingredients such as Alpha GPC, CDP Choline, Huperzine A, Caffeine, and Tyrosine.

In Pre-workouts/Pump products, you will find it paired with ingredients such as L-Citrulline, Glycerol Monostearate, and Nitrates.

Side Effects of nooLVL®

No side effects are known at this time.

Recommended nooLVL® Dosage

The recommend dosage of nooLVL is 800mg - 1,600mg per serving. We recommend 1,600mg here at Fitness Informant to achieve optimal results. 

Recommended Supplements Featuring nooLVL

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