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RedCon1 Launching New Fat Burner C-Burn Summer 2022

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RedCon1 C-Burn

RedCon1 is launching a new fat burner called C-Burn. C-Burn will join the brand’s current fat burners in Double Tap and Silencer. C-Burn will be a 30-serving capsule product but unlike Silencer, it’s capsule counterpart, C-Burn will be a stimulant based fat burner featuring several branded ingredients.

RedCon1 C-Burn Supplement Facts Panel

RedCon1 C-BurnRedCon1 C-Burn is a stimulant based capsule fat burner that on paper is their best fat burner to date. C-Burn is a 30-serving, 3 capsule serving size fat burner featuring four branded ingredients and many other popular ingredients used in today’s most effective fat burners.

The formula stats with 400mg Green Tea Extract. We’ve seen Green Tea Extract used more frequently in fat burners. There have been many studies on Green Tea Extract and fat oxidation at rest and during exercise but the results are inconclusive based on methodology, measurements, etc, but there seems to be some promise with the ingredient hence why many brands are electing to use it in their formulas.

Dandelion Powder is used at 400mg. This acts as a diuretic that will help you pass through excess water.

Caffeine Anhydrous is dosed at 200mg. This is used along side 150mg Dynamine (most likely yielding 40%) and 50mg TeaCrine. The combination of these three ingredients give the user quick acting energy with long lasting effects without the crash. It has also been shown to improve mood and mental clarity. Caffeine is a proven stimulant that has been shown to potentially improve metabolism.

Citicoline is dosed at 100mg. This is a cognitive ingredient that helps improve memory and focus. In various studies with various nootropics it has shown that nootropics can aid as an appetite suppressant as it allows users to focus more on tasks instead of “busy eating”. 


Gymnema Extract is dosed at 100mg. This helps control blood sugar levels. We like to see this between 200-400mg per day when looking at a GDA-type product. It has also been shown to help reduce the cravings for sugar.

Capsimax is found at 25mg. Capsimax is an ingredient used in a lot of thermogenic powders and capsules as it has the ability to speed up your metabolism to burn calories similar in amounts to jogging/running 1/2 mile or longer.

Paradoxine is a branded version of Grains of Paradise. We see this dosed between 25mg and 50mg with regularity. We get 25mg with C-Burn. In addition to Paradoxine, users will get 25mg of GBB. The combination of Paradoxine and GBB will increase body temperature and cause users to sweat. A 25mg dosage is a great starting place for GBB.

Huperzine is found at 5mg or 50mcg in C-Burn. This works well with Citicoline to aid in focus.

Finally, the brand uses 2mg of Alpha Yohimbine, one of the strongest fat burning ingredients on the market today. This dosage is adequate, especially for users who may not be used to Alpha-Yo.

Overall, this is a solid formula for RedCon1 and their fat burner line. No word on exact ETA of launch, but one would imagine it will be early summer with many people cutting for the summer months.

Stay tuned to FI for more details on the launch of RedCon1 C-Burn.

Final Takeaway

Honestly I like this formula. For those who want to be really hardcore you could take two servings, but for the vast majority one serving of C-Burn should work quite well for increasing body temperature and aiding in fat loss. We will post more on this when it becomes available.

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