S’Mores MRE Bar and Choco Crisps B.A.R. from RedCon1 Launching Today

S'Mores MRE Cocoa Crisps B.A.R.

They're here! RedCon1 finally launches their S'Mores MRE Bar and their Choco Crisps B.A.R. These two bars were announced months ago, but the formula is finally right and released to the world.

MRE Bar from RedCon1 shook up the grab-and-go bar world in sports nutrition due to it being a non-dairy protein bar, using MRE powder from RedCon1. The B.A.R. is RedCon1's first "breakfast" inspired protein bar using whey protein crisps.

Both bars will officially go on-sale on July 15th at 12pm ET.

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Fitness Informant's POV

S'Mores should be an epic flavor in the MRE Bar. The MRE Bar is one of our favorite bars on the market today. They have great flavor, solid texture and good macros. The bar uses the brands popular MRE powder.

B.A.R. is so different from RedCon1 compared to the MRE Bar. It is also a top-rated bar, that offers a different experience. Choco Crisps will join Fruity Cereal, Rainbow Breakfast and Crunchy Cinnamon Bits.

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