BREAKING NEWS: NutraBio Launching New Sub-Brand Called ETHIX

NutraBio has officially announced the launch of a new sub-brand called ETHIX. ETHIX stands for Efficacy, Transparency, Honesty and Integrity cross. ETHIX will be a brick and mortar exclusive brand from NutraBio that will launch with 2-3 products, but has a portfolio of products of up to 12 planned for the future.

NutraBio CEO Mark Glazier made the commitment to a new sub-brand/product line to give back to the retailers who have supported NutraBio. ETHIX will be reserved for those retailers who take the time to educate the consumer on NutraBio products. ETHIX will feature the same motto as NutraBio: Without Compromise. Customers can expect full efficacious dosing and innovative ingredients. 

NutraBio Vice President of Sales & Operations Dan Margolis stated that ETHIX was created exclusively for the brick and mortar retailers and will never be sold online by NutraBio or the large e-tailers they work with.

Brandon DaCruz, Key Accounts Manager at NutraBio, informed us that the first three products will be a high stimulant pre-workout, a fully dosed pump product and a powdered thermogenic (fat burner). Brandon said that these will be three of 12 coming out from the new sub-brand.  NutraBio does not currently feature a powdered fat burner or a pump centric product.

ETHIX will also feature ingredients not used in current NutraBio products. The ingredients being used will be new, innovative ingredients not widely found in supplements today at efficacious dosages.

A timeframe on ETHIX is 2019, but no solid details on actual launch date. 

In other news from the brand, NutraBio is launching a new product called Upsorb. Upsorb will feature AstraGin and BioPerine to aid in absorption of current sports nutrition products and everyday health products like your multivitamins, fish oils, curcumin and more. Upsorb will be launched in the next coming week.

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Fitness Informant's POV

Being in the room with these three men during this announcement was great as you can see the excitement on their faces. This is a new venture for NutraBio. To create a sub-brand exclusively for brick and mortar isn't new in the industry, but it is new to NutraBio.

For over 23 years it was just it will also include ETHIX. This is an exciting time for the brand, and it is a cool way to give back to the stores which helped educate the consumers on the NutraBio brand. NutraBio has done brick and mortar exclusive products before, but never a whole line.

We did get to try their pump product, which will feature an ingredient not commonly found in today's supplement. It was really good. The ingredient itself was powerful. We know consumers are going to want to try this new pre/pump stack with the fat burner.

Upsorb is going to be a great add-on product. I love AstraGin and BioPerine together in certain supplements, but now you don't have to compromise ingredients not being absorbed. Upsorb is designed to be taken daily so you make the best of all the the supplements and vitamins you take.

NutraBio is in the running for 2019 Brand of the Year...this will help them tremendously. 

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