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GHOST’s Chips Ahoy! GHOST Whey Now Available!

GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy!

GHOST's new GHOST Whey featuring Chips Ahoy! is now available for purchase on GHOST's official website. This is one of the most anticipated launches of the year for the brand and the sports nutrition industry.

GHOST is known for their licensing deals, but they have yet to secure one on their GHOST Whey line, until now. Within the sports nutrition space, only one other brand in recent memory has had a licensing deal on their protein powders, that being BSN with Cold Stone Creamery. GHOST has made a huge impact in 2019 with deals with Sonic and Welch's. Chips Ahoy! will be another win for the brand in 2019.

GHOST has had a track record of selling out their stock inventory on their new authentic flavor releases, we would expect this to be one of their top selling items for some time to come.

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Fitness Informant's POV

I would argue that this is GHOST's biggest licensing deal to-date with any company. Warheads was cool, Sonic was big and Welch's was unique, but Chips Ahoy! is "game changing." The reason it is game changing is because up until now, with the exception of BSN, no other company has secured a deal with their protein powder. Protein powder is big business.

Regardless of what you think of the brand, you have to give GHOST credit for doing things the right way. Kudos to the team over there. We cannot wait to try this!

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