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RedCon1 Peach Iced Tea Total War Has Arrived

FIt Butters
RedCon1 Total War Peach Ice Tea

RedCon1 continues to expand flavors on their best selling pre-workout Total War. The brand has officially launched RedCon1 Total War in Peach Iced Tea.

Peach Iced Tea Total War from RedCon1 will still be the same formula you've become accustomed to on Total War.

Total War will now feature over 20 different flavors between limited editions, store exclusives and online sales. 

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Final Takeaway

We have not tried this flavor yet, but anticipate we will soon. We've tried several different peach iced teas this summer. Total War, based on ingredients, should be rather easy to flavor so we expect this to be a solid flavoring system.

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