RedCon1 Launching Fudge Brownie MRE

MRE Fudge Brownie

RedCon1 is expanding their MRE line with the addition of Fudge Brownie flavor. MRE is one of the most popular items RedCon1 sells. Fudge Brownie is the third flavor extension this year on MRE for RedCon1. Many of their powder flavors also carry over to their popular MRE Barr. There has been no confirmation that MRE Bar is getting a Fudge Brownie as of this writing.

MRE Fudge Brownie launches on May 15th at the RedCon1 website. 

Fitness Informant's POV

More flavors to the popular line means more consumers into the popular line. I am looking forward to this one. We recently reviewed MRE, and we were big fans of the flavoring system. Fudge Brownie sounds rich, so time will tell how rich it is. I want this in the MRE Bar...which I would bet is going to happen sooner rather than later. 

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