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RedCon1 Reveals Launch Date and Label Behind Total War Black Ops

By January 22, 2023No Comments
RedCon1 Total War Black Ops

RedCon1 was tired of seeing all these other brands launch a crazy loaded pre-workout, they rolled up their sleeves and created one of their own. RedCon1 Total War Black Ops is coming exclusively to GNC on February 15th in three flavors.

RedCon1 Total War Black Ops will be the brand’s most fully loaded pre-workout ever. The leadership team at RedCon1 tossed around this idea for a fully loaded pre-workout for some time, and ultimately decided to go forward with it in partnership with GNC.

Total War Black Ops will be available in Sour Gummy Bear, Blue Lemonade and Tiger’s Blood.

RedCon1 Total War Black Ops Label

RedCon1 is a very large company at this point, but the brand put emphasis on branded ingredients and a loaded formula for Black Ops.

Total War Black Ops SFPThe formula starts with a full 6g of L-Citrulline, the precursor to Arginine which increased nitric oxide.

Beta Alanine is dosed at the clinical accepted dosage of 3.2g. Beta Alanine is a proven ingredient used to help buffer lactic acid and prolong muscular endurance.

Three versions of NO3-T Nitrates are used in Total War Black Ops. Users will get 2g Citrulline Nitrate, 1g Betaine Nitrate and 1g Creatine Nitrate which will lead to bigger, fuller pumps.

Taurine, a staple in pre-workouts for aiding in hydration and regulating electrolyte, is dosed at a full 1g.

RedCon1 Total War Black Ops is dosed with 400mg of caffeine from green coffee bean. RedCon1 combines this with 150mg Dynamine (standardized to 40%) and 125mg TeaCrin e(standardized to 40%) for one of the best dosages of caffeine, Dynamine and TeaCrine we’ve seen.

Regarding cognition, RedCon1 adds 300mg Alpha-GPC to improve the mind muscle connection. RedCon1 also adds 100mg Schisandra, an adaptogen which can improve mood and elevate stress. In addition, users are getting 20mg of Huperzine A. These three ingredients combined should provide a euphoric effect. 

Theobromine, which acts similar to caffeine, is dosed at 100mg. This can aid in energy.

Grains of Paradise and GBB are both used at 25mg. GBB is the branded version of ProGBB. These ingredients can work in tandem to increase body temperature and can lead to the user sweating more.

The last ingredient is the one some may love, and some may dislike. RedCon1 Total War Black Ops contains 2mg of Alpha Yohimbine. This ingredient is a strong stimulant that can improve energy levels and potentially aid in fat loss. Some users experience a reaction to this such as anxiety and cold sweats, while others absolutely love it.

Overall this formula is a big upgrade from their current Total War offering, but it will come at a premium price and less servings per container.

Users can secure their flavor at GNC on February 15th.

Final Takeaway

A very solid profile from RedCon1. I am a huge fan of the nitrate use. Yes it looks good on a label, but it also typically works - sometimes too well - for people. I think the nootropic combination of Alpha-GPC, Huperzine A and Schisandra, combined with caffeine, Dynamine and TeaCrine should be awesome for most people. I love the fact they included Grains of Paradise and GBB - I love increased body temperature during a workout - makes you go harder. We will be getting a tub of this to run and provide feedback prior to launch. Follow our Instagram (@FitnessInformant) for more!

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