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RedCon1 Launches MRE Protein Brownies and Brookies

RedCon1 MRE Protein Snacks

RedCon1's MRE line is extremely popular containing powders and bars, but now you can add more snacks to that list. RedCon1 has officially launched MRE Protein Snacks in Protein Muffins and Protein Brookies.

The MRE Protein Muffin will launch in two flavors: Wild Blueberry and Double Chocolate Chip. Each brownie features 15g of protein from whole foods, not whey, and 5g of collagen.

The MRE Protein Brookie will also launch in two flavors: Birthday Cake and Chocolate Chip Fudge. Like the MRE Protein Brownie these contain 15g protein, not whey based with 5g of collagen per brookie.

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Final Takeaway

We got the opportunity to try the MRE Protein Brownies and we have our review over at Instagram, and they are good. We prefer the Wild Blueberry as there's more flavor - bold. We have not tried the Brookie's yet but imagine the texture and taste will be similar since the base is similar. We will post that review over at our Instagram as well.

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