B.A.R. Cereal Protein Bar from RedCon1 Launches January 31st

B.A.R. RedCon1

RedCon1 has announced that it will launch its highly anticipated B.A.R. Protein Cereal Bar on January 31st. The B.A.R. will be available in three flavors: Fruity Cereal (we’ve tried this – see our POV below), Cinnamon Crunch and Lucky Charms. Now, due to legal reasons, the name is subject to change. The B.A.R. from RedCon1 will be powered by Whey Protein. The bars will feature whey protein crisps. The bars will also feature real cereal pieces.

Fruity Cereal B.A.R.RedCon1 sets to do what Quest Bar could not, be successful in the cereal protein bar space. What is different about the B.A.R. is that they are using popular flavors people recognize. RedCon1 will launch the B.A.R. on January 31st via You can use coupon code INFORMANT to save 10%.

Fitness Informant POV:

It is interesting RedCon1 is taking a crack at this space when the giant, Quest, failed. However, after a conversation with Aaron Singerman, the use of popular cereal flavors like Fruity Cereal, Cinnamon Crunch and Lucky Charms will be in the favor of RedCon1. We were able to try an advanced version of the Fruity Cereal bar. They are delicious. The texture was soft. The crisp from the whey was good. The flavor was wonderful.

The B.A.R. from RedCon1 adds a new element to protein bars – making them fun. I also like how RedCon1 did the packaging on these bars. Looking forward to these launching. We will have a full review at FI once they do. 

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