RedCon1 Apple Blast B.A.R. Now Available

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Apple Blast B.A.R.

RedCon1 officially released their newest flavor of B.A.R. today in Apple Blast. Apple Blast is the brand's take on the popular breakfast cereal Apple Jacks. Apple Blast will be the 5th flavor of B.A.R. to debut in 2019. B.A.R. is one of the only "breakfast" flavored protein bars on the market today.

B.A.R. retails for $34.99. RedCon1 is good about doing sales to reduce the price. You can use coupon code INFORMANT to save 10%.

Use coupon code INFORMANT to save 10%

Fitness Informant's POV

Apple Blast is finally here. Some within RedCon1 are calling this the best flavor. If you're a fan of the Apple Jacks cereal then this is your shot to get 20g of protein with the taste you love. 

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