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The Genius Brand

About The Genius Brand

The Genius Brand was created out of a passion for science. They blatantly disregard profit margins to focus on creating innovative, science backed, industry-leading wellness supplements to help you live an active, healthy, nutritious and healthy life style. Supplement Smarter with The Genius Brand.

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Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer

Genius Digestion Optimizer


The Genius Brand Latest Reviews

The Genius Brand Genius Burn Review: Burn Fat and Improve Brain Function
Genius Burn is a capsule version of a fat burner that not only acts as a thermogenic, but also as a cognitive enhancer, something you don't see often.
The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer Review: Gut Health and Digestion Help We Need
Digestion Optimizer from The Genius Brand should be a staple in your daily supplement routine. I would recommend you take it 2-3x per day. In a perfect world, you would take 3x daily with your breakfast, lunch and dinner (but if you’re like me, I eat 7-8x per day). This will ensure you get the optimal dosages of the ingredients.
The Genius Brand Genius Pre Review: A Quality Non-Stim Pre-Workout
All in all, Genius Pre is a great supplement for someone looking to maximize their gains and endurance during their workouts, while eliminating the exhausting crash that sometimes follows a high-stim product.
The Genius Brand Genius Mushroom Review: Improving Your Wellness from Natural Sources
The Genius Brand Genius Mushroom stemmed from the CEO's passion for mushrooms as a youth. It combines three proven mushrooms at optimal dosages to provide an all around wellness product that also boosts mood and memory. If you're looking to incorporate more mushrooms into your daily life, The Genius Brand Genius Mushrooms gives you what you need.
The Genius Brand Genius Test Review: A Test Booster Worth Your Money
Their Genius Test is actually extremely well done. With solid, proven ingredients at great dosages, Genius Test should be a consideration for your testosterone boosting needs (if you actually have low T).

The Genius Brand Latest News and Articles

The Genius Brand Genius Mindfulness: A Genius Never Forgets
The Genius Brand Genius Mindfulness is an all-natural supplement designed to aid in memory.
Genius Brand Shot of Genius: Shots to Get Focused, Not Drunk!
The Genius Brand Genius Shot was designed to provide a cognitive boost to your day.
The Genius Brand Now Available at
The Genius Brand continues to expand their retail partnerships outside of Amazon. The brand is now available on
The Genius Brand Genius Gamer Now Available
The Genius Brand's first gaming supplement, Genius Gamer, is now available.
The Genius Brand Now Carried At The Vitamin Shoppe
For the first time ever, The Genius Brand is being sold somewhere other than Amazon. The Genius Brand is now available at The Vitamin Shoppe.
The Genius Brand Genius Sleep Aid: Deeper Sleep for Recovery
The Genius Brand Genius Sleep Aid can help you achieve REM sleep to aid in muscle recovery and repair.
The Genius Brand Genius Gamer Label Revealed
The Genius Brand reveals the full label behind Genius Gamer, their first gaming supplement!
The Genius Brand Releasing Gaming Supplement
The Genius Brand is getting into the gamer market with the announcement of Genius Gamer.
The Genius Brand Genius Burn: A Natural Way to Burn Fat
The Genius Brand Genius Burn is an all-natural fat loss and cognitive enhancing supplement featuring high quality, effective ingredients.
The Genius Brand Genius BCAA: All-In-One Recovery and Focus
The Genius Brand Genius BCAA is an all-in-one muscle recovery and cognitive enhancing product for mind and muscle gains.
The Genius Brand Keto Genius Now Available
The Genius Brand Keto Genius, a keto-friendly nootropic, is now available for sale.
The Genius Brand Keto Genius: Simple, Effective Ketosis Nootropic
The Genius Brand Keto Genius is one of the market's first nootropic supplements formulated for those who follow Keto.
The Genius Brand Genius Consciousness: Pay Attention To Your Day
The Genius Brand Genius Consciousness is an all-natural supplement designed to boost brain function.
The Genius Brand Genius Joy: Much Needed Joy We Need
The Genius Brand Genius Joy is an all-natural supplement created to improve mood and alleviate stress. Read the science behind it.
The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer: Gut Health Is Key
The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer created to aid in digestion, reduce bloat and better use of those macro and micro nutrients!
Cordyceps: Potential Benefits and Uses
Cordyceps is a mushroom with many health benefits. Discover potential benefits, uses and products containing cordyceps.
Episode 17: Robert Oliver (The Genius Brand)
Robert Oliver, CEO of The Genius Brand, discusses his passion for nutrition and wellness dating back to college, learning the Amazon model and creating a business combining his two passions to help people live longer lives.
Genius Muscle Builder: All Natural Gains with 4 Ingredients
The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder uses 4 effective ingredients to provide a safe, effective way to burn fat and build muscle.