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Genius Muscle Builder: All Natural Gains with 4 Ingredients

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Genius Muscle Builder Ingredient Breakdown

We live in a world where everyone wants everything and they want it yesterday. Due to this, many people turn to illegal drugs and gray area supplements to activate muscular gains. This isn’t the wisest, safest way to obtain your goals. Today’s market is filled with supplements like pro-hormones and SARMs, but a new era of muscle builders is hitting the market: all-natural muscle builders. This sounds too good to be true, and most of the time it is. However, The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder utilizes four all-natural ingredients designed to work together to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass.

Genius Muscle Builder LabelWith the increasing FDA regulation around pro-hormones and SARMs, it only makes sense for consumers to turn to a product like the Genius Muscle Builder. Candidly, we’ve never tried the product, so we cannot provide you a full breakdown and review. What we can provide you with is the science and research behind the selection of the four key ingredients: Peak0₂, PA, HMB

and Vitamin D.

Genius Muscle Builder Ingredients

The Genius Muscle Builder utilizes four all-natural ingredients that are expensive to source. This is why you will find the price of this product higher than others on the market. Don’t be scared, you get what you pay for.

Peak0₂ (2g)

Peak0₂ is an all-natural, organic combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested in the United State. Mushroom are gaining popularity due to their powerful adaptogens. What does this mean? It means those who train are able to adapt to and overcome physical and mental stress. 

Peak0₂ is designed to increase oxygen uptake. The results of this are increased power output, significant boost in endurance and better performance. A study conducted in 2016 by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, tested 4g/day with athletes. They experienced significant increases in peak power output and VO2 time to exhaustion after only seven days of use. This is great evidence that Peak0₂ works in athletes, but was 4g/day reasonable? A recent study aimed to find out if a lower dosage would produce similar effects.

2018 Study Time To Fatigue

A 2018 study looks at the effects of lower dosage of Peak0₂ (1-2g/day) and higher dosage (12g/day) over a longer period and shorter period of time. The results verify that the Genius Muscle Builder is using the optimal dosage of Peak0₂. The results showed that when dosed at 1-2g/day over a longer duration of time (28-days), that data suggests that longer duration, lower dose, supplementation of PeakO2 appears to improve endurance performance in apparently healthy young adults. Following 28 days of supplementation, the PeakO2 showed a significant pre-post improvement in time to fatigue during the test for VO2peak, whereas the placebo group demonstrated no


So what does this all mean for building muscle? The longer you can workout until exhaustion, the more muscle fibers you can stretch and tear. These muscle fibers are repaired and re-built during the recovery process allowing you to gain muscle mass. Also, the longer you are able to workout at high intensity volumes, the more body fat you can burn.

Mediator Phosphatidic Acid (1.5g)

Mediator Phosphatidic Acid (PA) is a key ingredient that can active mTOR. mTOR regulates protein synthesis, which means ingested protein is translated into new muscle. This is what we call Muscle Protein Synthesis. Studies show that when PA is combined with significant protein intake, muscle gain occurs. 

Strength Increase in PA vs. Placebo Group

There are two main studies on PA that show it is effective in building muscle mass and burning fat. In study 1, subjects to took PA demonstrated close to 13% increase in squat and almost 3% increase in lean body mass. These subjects were given 750mg of PA a day, trained 4 days a week and the study was conducted over an 8-week time period. These subjects were also experienced lifters, with at least 1 year of training experience. 

In study 2, subjects again took 750mg of PA per day. The study concluded that PA significantly activated mTOR and significantly improved muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass, and maximal strength to resistance exercise.

The fact we have 200% the dosage of these proven studies indicates that Genius Muscle Builder is not messing around. PA has been called a “steroid copycat.” I wouldn’t go that far, but the studies show and prove that it works in as little amounts of 750mg per day. 

Keep in mind that PA is extremely expensive. This will be reflective in the price of The Genius Muscle Builder. 

MyoeDge β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid (HMB) (1.5g)

HMBHMB has been popping up in a lot of muscle builders. It, along with the other ingredients in this Genius Muscle Builder, is not cheap. To use this ingredient it would be best to understand the impact.

There has not been a lot of HMB studies conducted. Albeit the research is encouraging, we must mention that more studies should be conducted on HMB to validate it’s effectiveness. With that said, HMB has shown some promise. 

HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine which mediates the effects of Leucine. This means that HMB can help reduce muscle protein breakdown. For the purpose of muscle protein synthesis, HMB is seen as the equivilant, if not a tad less effective than Leucine. However, when dosed between 1-3g per day, it has shown to reducing muscle mass losses over time (anti-catabolic)

HMB has been shown to be the most effective in young, untrained individuals. This means if you are new to the world of weight lifting, you may see a more beneficial impact from HMB than someone who is an experienced lifter. For those who are trained athletes or older, supplementation effectiveness of HMB remains unclear. 

Vitamin D (1,000 IU)

We all know that Vitamin D is necessary for healthy, strong bones. It is why our parents made us drink milk…some still do. However, it is not widely known that Vitamin D has a big impact on muscle function and strength

Vitamin D Deficiency Impact on PerformanceA little unknown fact is that over 50% of athletes do not have enough Vitamin D in their body. In fact, those who live or compete further away from the equator have even less Vitamin D in their bodies. Those of us with a Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to suffer from performance loss in various exercise outputs.

Getting 1,000 IU of Vitamin D per day will help get us to the levels we need to be at to perform optimally. So what, can’t we just drink milk? You’d have to drink a lot to get there, tan a bit and sure, you can do it, or you can get your take with Genius Muscle Builder. 

Lastly, Vitamin D, when combined with HMB, has shown to make HMB more effective. In fact, a study showed when Vitamin D is combined with HMB and sufficient protein intake, strength improved. Now, the caveat is that this study was conducted in elderly women, but at least it was not rats. A second study with elderly adults also showed that those with sufficient Vitamin D, that supplemented with HMB, demonstrated improved muscle function and increased muscle mass.

Genius Muscle Builder Takeaway

The Genius Brand is not your typical “bodybuilding” brand. However, they make supplements that can attract a large audience. The Genius Muscle Builder, on paper, looks to be a great all-natural muscle builder. The jury is still out on HMB as it pertains to trained athletes like myself, but has shown promise in beginners. It has also shown promise with the elderly when combined with sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. Should we look down on the supplement because of that? Absolutely not. The Genius Muscle Builder is a supplement that can be used by all.

Trained athletes, such as myself, will derive the most benefit from Peak0₂ and PA. These two ingredients will enhance our workouts, allowing us to workout for longer periods of time, causing more stress on the muscle fibers, thus allowing us to rebuild at a quicker rate with PA.

Beginner athletes and elderly adults will experience benefits from both Peak0₂ and PA, but also more with HMB and Vitamin D. Studies cited in this article indicate the effectiveness of these ingredients together.

Genius Muscle Builder is most suited for the athlete who trains occasionally but has not been training for years on years. If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, have been on and off (non-consistent) or may be on the older side of life, this supplement would be an excellent choice for you. If you are an experienced trained athlete, you may not get all the benefits from this product, but you will still get some great endurance enhancement and muscle recovery. 

Genius Muscle Builder
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