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Episode 9: Ryback Reeves

By August 21, 2018February 4th, 2019No Comments

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About This Episode

Former WWE Superstar turned Sports Nutrition CEO Ryback Reeves joins the show to discuss his transition from professional wrestling into supplements. Ryback still wrestlers full-time, but through trial and error and personal beta tests, he has developed a line of supplements he swears by “Feed Me More Nutrition.” Ryback talks about staying healthy on the road for WWE, why he left and if he will be back. He talks about Feed Me More Nutrition and the future he has in the industry.

Shane from Stack3d stops by to discuss’s new sports nutrition brand OWN PWR, Bang Energy’s new energy shot, Raze from Repp Sports and Christian Guzman new name for his energy drink Up.

Topics Covered on this Show

  • Ryback Reeves
    • Wrestling professionally for WWE
    • Why he left WWE
    • His future in wrestling: TNA or WWE
    • Stem cell procedures
    • Feed Me More Nutrition
    • Creating supplements
    • His biggest regrets
    • Blood work and why it is important
    • Sticking to your diet on the road
  • Stack3d
    • OWN PWR from Amazon
    • Bang Energy Shot
    • Raze from Repp Sports
    • 3D Energy from Christian Guzman
    • New DVST8 White Diamond from Inspired Nutraceuticals

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About The Guest

Ryback Reeves WWE

Ryback Reeves

Ryback Reeves is a former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar and currently is a professional wrestler and CEO of Feed Me More Nutrition. Ryback has spent his adult life inside of a weight room taking after his mentor Arnold. Ryback has a vision and a goal to remove the “garbage” from the industry to turn it into a place where people can get better.

About The Host

Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT

Ryan Bucki is the president of Ryan started Fitness Informant in 2016 as a platform to help educate others on all topics health, wellness, fitness and supplements. Ryan worked for an online supplement company to learn the inside aspect of the supplement industry. Ryan is also a certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.

He is also a former professional wrestler (WWE style). Ryan wrestled professionally for 10 years, cultivating with a WWE tryout in 2003. A combination of being overweight and involved in professional wrestling got Ryan into health, fitness and supplements.

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