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Episode 76: Sharon Leite


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About This Episode

Sharon Leite, the CEO of Vitamin Shoppe, discusses the brand vision for the retail giant, the turnaround of 2018, selecting brands within the store, navigating the pandemic and more!

Topics Covered on this Show

  • Vitamin Shoppe during the pandemic
  • Selecting brands for the store
  • Putting the customer first
  • Vitamin Shoppe franchise model
  • Role in social responsibility
  • Future of Vitamin Shoppe
  • The great turnaround of 2018

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About The Host

Bucki Podcast

Ryan Bucki is the founder and CEO of Fitness Informant. Ryan launched in 2016 with the goal to help inform people across the globe on the subject of fitness, nutrition and supplementation so they themselves could change their own lives. Throughout the years Fitness Informant has grown into more than just a “supplement review platform.”

Ryan has strategically built Fitness Informant into a multi-digital platform including a website, podcast, YouTube channel and social media channel to reach tens of thousands across the globe on a daily basis. 

Ryan is also a NPC bodybuilding competitor in the light heavyweight division.

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