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Episode 28: Angie Marie Okon

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About This Episode

Angie Marie Okon discusses her not-so-easy childhood that lead her to living on her own at the age of 14, experimenting with drugs and binge drinking alcohol. She hated the way she looked in a mirror and decided to change her life for the better. She discusses her turnaround, training for bodybuilding shows and Okon Fitness.

Topics Covered on this Show

  • Living on her own at the age of 14
  • Her past drug use including marijuana, cocaine and meth
  • Her inspiration into fitness
  • Competing in bodybuilding shows
  • Steroids in the female sport of bodybuilding
  • Coaching her clients on mental toughness
  • Social media's impact on her career and fitness
  • Okon Fitness
  • Future of Angie Marie Okon

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About The Guest

Angie Marie Okon

Angie Marie Okon

Angie Marie Okon is the founder of Okon Fitness, a fitness company providing online coaching and training to men and women around the globe. Angie Marie has been through many hardships in life, but wouldn’t change a single one of them because it has made her into the confident person she is today.

Angie has trained thousands of people, whether they are competing on stage or just wanting to live a better version of themselves through improved fitness and nutrition. She is an inspiration and is motivational for anyone who wants to make a change.

Angie is also the host of her podcast, “Boss Tribe” which can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Anchor. “Boss Tribe” is a series of podcasts designed to motivate and inspire others to be better versions of themselves.

About The Host

Ryan Bucki, CEO

Ryan Bucki, CEO

Ryan Bucki is the president of Ryan started Fitness Informant in 2016 as a platform to help educate others on all topics health, wellness, fitness and supplements. Ryan worked for an online supplement company to learn the inside aspect of the supplement industry. Ryan is also a certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.

He is also a former professional wrestler (WWE style). Ryan wrestled professionally for 10 years, cultivating with a WWE tryout in 2003. A combination of being overweight and involved in professional wrestling got Ryan into health, fitness and supplements.

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