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Primeval Labs Launching Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake Isolit

By November 21, 2023No Comments
Primeval Labs Isolit Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

Primeval Labs is adding yet another decandent flavor to their popular Isolit lineup for flavors. Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake Isolit will be launching on Black Friday through the brand's website.

Isolit is a clean isolate protein containing 130 calories per serving, 25g protein, 2g fat and 3g carbohydrates. Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake will include real chocolate cookie pieces to round out the experience for the consumer.

Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake will join Strawberry Shortcake, Fruity Cereal, Diner Vanilla, Chocolate Milk and Orange Creamsicle (summer exclusive) for Black Friday flavors.

Final Takeaway

This flavor sounds like it was created for me. Whether it is the Cheesecake Factory or Ben and Jerry's who do an OREO cheesecake type of a flavor, I eat them all. I am the biggest critic and judge of anything cookies and cream, but a cookies and cream cheesecake is one, if done right, could achieve GOAT status in my household. Stay tuned for our one sip review at our official IG channel (@FitnessInformant).

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Primeval Labs Isolit Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

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